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What To Do When You Don't Know What To Do

Part 10 of 10

Faded architechtural drawings.  The bottom is brownish with technical details and the top more ivory with the design for a staircase.  Both are in written using Cyrillic alphabet.

I must admit.  I am unclear right now.  I know what I am supposed to write about, but the how escapes me.  What do I do when I don't know what to do?  I use intuitive tools.  They are a playful and creative way for me to gain understanding and clarity.  I can show you how to do the same.  It was these tools that inspired this series.  I tried out a format I found on a blog from Incandescent Tarot with a friend of mine and it was immensely helpful and powerful.  Let me give you a taste of the process.  The end of the year is a busy time and people start to think about their goals for the next year.  Most will not succeed because they lack clarity.

Here is a quick example using my challenge with writing this blog.  My biggest fear in writing this blog is that I will not get my thoughts across and that I will choose the wrong angle.  Instead I should focus on my follow through.  I promised a ten part series and am delayed since the last technical day would have been a holiday.  I tend to think of billions of new ideas and want to start them instead of finishing what I already committed to doing.  Taking time to reflect on my negative feelings and understand my ridiculously high expectations has helped me in the past because it is then I remember to be grateful for what I have accomplished.

I need to continue letting go of my self-defeating attitude and also continue to feel all the feels.  The next step is to continue this journey trusting that I am on the right path because it seems clear to me.  It's nowhere I have ventured before and I must be comfortable going without my GPS.  I trust that I can find my way using landmarks and building on past experience.  It is the simple things that bring me joy.  I enjoy human connection and my Clarity Playshop will build on the power of that connection.  Reaching outside of my comfort zone and engaging in some new spaces I have discovered will continue to help me find my tribe.

Following the plot of a story is important for basic understanding.  The magic happens when you start to explore the themes and make connections.  I am at the end and the beginning.  How I direct my energy and manage my feelings will be critical to overcoming my biggest obstacle - me.  I told someone dear to me to get out of their own way.  Their thoughts are coloring their reality and holding them back.  I need to listen to my own advice.  This is about discovery and play.  More information will follow in the upcoming weeks, but I hope that you will join me for my upcoming Clarity PLAYshop in January.  In it you will be given a framework to help you decide your next steps and harness the power of conversation and creative energy to gain lucidity in your life.  Namaste.

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