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Things To Think About Podcast Transcript


Intro: Pounding bass note and a stirring fanfare of horns. Welcome to another edition of things to think about. Here's Stacy. The horns continue with a keyboard note held.Relaxing piano music is in the background. 

Welcome to the Things To Think About Podcast where we use fables and fairy tales to come to deeper truths about our subconscious world. I’m Stacy Casson and today’s tale explores our sense of self.  We will dive into this topic in a tale I call, Run. And now, get comfortable and relax. Take a Deep Breathe in and exhale. A Deep Breath in, and exhale. A Deep breath in and exhale. And if you'd like, you can slowly...close...your eyes. 

Once upon a time, there was a scientist who wanted to push the boundaries of what it meant to be human.  They had created an incredible honeycomb-designed machine that was able to enhance human DNA with the attributes of other species.  They were frustrated that in tests, the creatures remained the same.  The mice did demonstrate the new qualities and ran mazes faster, but they continued to exhibit behavior the scientist found troubling.  Shouldn’t getting to their fullest potential make them superior?  The scientist could only observe the mice and not question them.  They were very focused on science and did not watch many movies, so were unaware that their next steps were probably a very bad idea.  The scientist was at the peak of their career yet felt hollow.  They were looking for answers in their work.  Each new discovery was exhilarating but quickly faded.

You guessed it.  The scientist decided to experiment on themselves.  They decided to begin with DNA that would enhance their endurance since they were always tired when running.  Carefully they placed the samples in each of the honeycomb structures and then strapped themselves into the podium carefully placing the diodes on their head.  The pain was sudden, intense, and left them weeping when it was over.  The scientist crawled into bed exhausted.  The next morning, they woke up and felt tingly and ready to conquer the world.  They put on their running shoes and hit the nearby trail.  “I still hate running,” the scientist thought as they hit their stride.  They could see the landmark coming up and were pleasantly surprised to be able to run beyond.  Normally this was where they started their cooldown.  Five minutes later, the familiar aches and pains caught up and they had to slow down to a walk. They walked back to the landmark.  It was a beautiful tree shaped like a harp.  The scientist lay down in the low arch on the left side of the tree.  Pondering the outcome of their experiment.  They were disappointed that they were only able to go a little bit farther.  Granted the mice also had done noticeably better, but it still was not enough to qualify them as super mice.  The scientist reflected as they lay in the tree branch.  As they looked up at the tree canopy, they had a revelation.  We could optimize the tree’s growth and if you start from a young age, influence the growth patterns, but it would remain a tree.    I can enhance my abilities either through education, practice, or DNA enhancement, but I remain who I am.  I am not going to turn into a superhero or gain new mutant powers.  I have to accept who I am and that while science can enhance, it will not change the fundamental aspects of my being.

The scientist began to panic.  What was the point of their work?  They felt something break deep inside their soul.  Every choice led them to this point.  Every perceived failure and success were efforts to run away from who they were.  They wanted to redefine themselves by proxy in their work.  What to do if the work had no meaning?  Was anything wrong with who they were?  Was it not okay to be a human?  The superheroes in the comic books could not use their powers to escape their challenges.  The scientist brought up memories of their childhood and realized they were so mean to that little child.  What they viewed as awkward was someone who had the courage to ask powerful questions.  There was the shame of distasteful choices as well.  Some of them they had to accept and others, they could repair.  The choice was up to them.  If they had not failed, they would never learn and would never try to improve.  Perhaps the imperfections were critical to their success.  The scientist got out of the tree.  This time they tried stretching first and then began another run.

I don’t know if they ran home or tried to get further on the trail.  Where would you run?  Can you run away from who you are?    And now, you can take a deep breath in and exhale. A deep breath in and exhale. Deep breath in, and exhale. And when you're ready, wiggle your toes, wiggle your fingers, and slowly open your eyes. If you are enjoying this podcast, please subscribe and never miss an episode.

Closing: Closing jazzy keyboard and thrumming bass. Hope you enjoyed today's segment. Tell a friend. See you next time. Music fades.