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Successful Sunday, May 1, 2022

Aerial view of ble green ocean with lighter currents crashes into cliffs,

“Write in the sand the flaws of your friend.”— Pythagoras

I thought I was not upset.  After all, I am calm and do not want revenge.  At the time of my disappointment, I knew I did not want a pound of flesh.  I'll probably not get an apology, but I have to forgive to move on.  Forgiveness in this case is letting go of resentment and expectation.  The other lesson I am working on is that how I treat myself trains others how to treat me.  Why am I holding on to this hurt when there are so many other good and wonderful things I can focus on?  Perhaps it is human nature to ignore the accolades and listen to the critics.  I am going to hold tight to my boundaries.  Que cera cera.

The waves of thoughts keep crashing against the shore of my mind.  What if I did this?  What about that?  Getting a new habit requires a training period.  I am in control of setting and keeping my boundaries.  What if I lose people along the way?  I will wish them well.  I am doing the work I need to do and completely the roll I had to play in my current situation.  I love people exactly where they are.  I understand who they are and they understand who I am.  I normally cow tow to other's expectations to keep the peace.  I am at peace. Why disrupt it?  

I am a very hands on person.  That can make me an enabler.  Just as I am sitting back to ensure that I understand my role, I have to allow others to understand their part.  I also have to accept that it may not happen and be okay with it.  Spring is a time of cleaning house and clearing out what no longer serves you.  Holding on to something because it once had value but now takes up space and has no current purpose blocks me from making room for the incredible new aspects of my life to enter in.

We are often told to not rock the boat.  Perhaps this boat is to a destination I don't to go.  It's scary to jump ship and find my way to land.  It will be likely that my belongings get ruined from swimming to shore.  As long as I still here, I can rebuild.  I can release the things that no longer serve me and accept knew things.  The wisdom comes from when to know the difference.  I do not have all the answers, but I have a great framework of setting boundaries.  What will you release today?  Namaste