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Things To Think About Podcast Transcript

Butterfly Interrupted

Intro: Pounding bass note and a stirring fanfare of horns. Welcome to another edition of Things to Think about. Here's Stacy. The horns continue with a keyboard note held.

Relaxing piano music is in the background.

Welcome to the Things to Think About podcast, where we use fables and fairy tales to uncover deeper truths about our subconscious world. Why do people attack what is different? Can they rethink their position? And now, get comfortable and relax. Take a deep breath in. And exhale. A deep breath in and exhale. A deep breath in and exhale. And if you'd like, you can slowly close your eyes.

Once upon a time, a caterpillar was envied by a group of cutworms. The caterpillar had matured and developed vibrant green, yellow, and black markings. The cutworms had similar color schemes but longed for the brilliance of the caterpillar. “Those colors are unnatural,” they cried. “It’s probably those weird leaves you’ve been eating.” Some of the cutworms conspired to deny the caterpillar its food source. “I need those leaves to live,” it pleaded. Since the cutworms were nocturnal, the caterpillar fed during the day. Fortunately, sympathetic worms hid stashes of leaves for the caterpillar. The caterpillar had always been friendly to them and shared its knowledge of the terrain.

Holding its breath, the caterpillar sat in awe of the beautiful Black Swallowtail butterfly feasting on a milkweed flower. “Hello, little one,” the beautiful butterfly graciously greeted. “Wow!” The little caterpillar was almost speechless. “You are so wondrous,” it whispered. “Keep eating and growing, little one, because one day you will emerge and surpass my beauty,” the butterfly urged and flew away. Of course, the cutworms misinterpreted this conversation. They decided that it was the flashy Swallowtails encouraging debauchery and leading the strange worms into a life of sin. They believed wholeheartedly that the caterpillars were perverse worms with their designer colors.

The cutworm coalition decided to ban butterflies and leaves. “You are destroying your body and have been brainwashed by those dangerous butterflies!” they declared. “How dare they beguile our youth with their flashy wings!” they frothed. “You are making a huge mistake,” the caterpillar pleaded. “I cannot make my chrysalis and transform without those leaves. You can’t do this!” The cutworms ignored the facts and continued headlong with their dubious plans. Thankfully a few cutworm allies helped the caterpillar to find leaves. They were terrified of the cutworm coalition, but their conscience would not allow them to be a part of the cruelty. Because of their help, the caterpillar was able to make a chrysalis.

“What’s it doing in there?” some of the coalition wondered. The beautiful green chrysalis hung by a slender thread. “It’s probably hiding its foul depravity in there.” Outraged, the cutworm coalition hired a parasitic wasp to “save” the precious soul of the caterpillar. The wasp landed near the chrysalis. It was becoming transparent, and the outline of the wings could be seen. “It’s too late,” the wasp said in a raspy voice. “There is no nourishment from the adults, I need them before they form the shell.” The uproar hid the sound of a tiny gulp. Surrounded by a cluster of cutworm allies hid another caterpillar. “You wasted my time,” hissed the wasp and flew away. “We will call you sooner,” the coalition retorted. There was a ripping sound as a splendid new butterfly began to emerge from its cocoon. Another group of allies drew closer, allowing it to rest and safely complete the metamorphosis. The hidden caterpillar watched it fly away and wept.

Why do we fear the unknown? Are we jealous of the beauty of possibility? Or is there a need to control it? You can now take a deep breath in, and exhale, Deep breath in and exhale. Deep breath in, and exhale and when you are ready, wiggle your toes, wiggle your fingers and slowly open your eyes. If you enjoy this podcast, please subscribe.

Closing: Closing jazzy keyboard and thrumming bass. I hope you enjoyed today's segment. Tell a friend. See you next time. Music fades. "