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Successful Sunday, April 23, 2023

A butterfly emerging from a cocoon suspended from a leaf against a blue sky.

How do I get unstuck? Am I actually stuck, or is it a pause? When you breathe, there is a moment of stillness in between the breaths. Every object in motion has to overcome friction and find an energy source to keep the wheels turning. The roads of life are not always paved and we find ourselves in the mud, unable to move forward or backward. Or sometimes a rock or pothole shakes up the journey. You would not perceive forward motion if you were a hamster inside the wheel. If you were outside the wheel, you would need to keep moving to not be thrown off. How many wheels do you have spinning? We can’t always be on the mountaintop. Sometimes you dwell in the valleys. I am learning to be satisfied with tiny victories today because I must rest. My vehicle is out of gas and refuses to run on fumes.

It's very hard for me to be still. I’ve internalized my worth with my output and find myself in a situation where I must surrender to my limitations. What if I embraced the stuck? Most people fear the abyss but could it be liberating to be enveloped by something bigger than yourself? When an impala is hunted by a leopard, at some point it goes still. It no longer feels pain and can prevent further injury. Playing dead may give it the opportunity to bound away if something distracts the leopard. Stillness is an allergy and makes me break into to-do lists. I was challenged to allow myself rest and surprisingly, I have been making progress on many fronts despite disengaging. The quiet opens up insights and inspiration. My body is telling me to take a nap. I’ll be back.

Who hoo! That nap was exactly what I needed. I have more energy and feel ready to conquer things like nourishment. It’s also a “Yay me!” moment since I am valued my needs. I am not ready to be bold today, but rest is resistance. Hmm, maybe this is being bold. Recharging my fuel cells will enable me to have the energy to accomplish my goals. It’s the board between the wheels stuck in the mud that allows it to escape the muck. As I mentioned early, perhaps I was not stuck at all and just needed to pause. It also does not mean that I need to now burn all the candles and do all the things! I can delight in this tiny moment.

What’s next for me? More rest. I have a huge week ahead of me, but it has not happened yet. I am going to enjoy the sensation of forward momentum and be more contemplative of my next moves. What is necessary? Being whole. I am not ready to entangle myself with others. I also recognize that I need to stop being a hermit. It is time to allow myself to be vulnerable. But not right now. Not at this moment. Once you get unstuck, it is important to take inventory of the situation. See if the vehicle needs repairs before you continue the journey. Happy travelling. Namaste.