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Successful Sunday, April 30th, 2023

Today, I'm going to be my client. I was at a celebration and am running on fumes. What am I gonna do differently this week to be successful whilst filling my come? I am going to be using the Affirmators! At Work for inspiration. The first thing that comes up is Value. Yes, I'm a valuable member of my team. My work does not determine my worth. I do my work; I am not my work. This is not only from a career perspective but also from the responsibilities that I take on. I just learned that an exciting documentary film is playing on a school night. The old me would just come home and grind, grind, grind. They work and then do household chores. But maybe the new me is somebody that watches documentaries on a whim because they sound interesting.

My dear friend treated me to a belated birthday brunch. We knew our limits and ordered the appetizer anyway. However, we did not eat everything and took it home to share with others. When your plate is overflowing and you are no longer hungry, it is okay not to finish it. If my to-do list were a meal, it would be a seven-course dinner. The trick is to read the menu to see what is coming and then eat strategically. I know what portions will not be good reheated. Every blog does not have to be hours and hours of labor. I like to write out my thoughts because it helps me to gain clarity and I hope that you also will reflect and see if it jars your own realizations.

What will help me is to remember my limits. Period. A no to other things is a yes to me.

As I go into this week, I will remember to search for things outside of work to fulfill me. Watch the documentary. Plan to see my kid. Take a walk. Move. Dance. Live. Above all, rest. Namaste.

Also a special message just for you :)