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Going Analog

On a hiatus

Hello to you my dear Subscribers,

The universe has been screaming at me for a while and I think I need to pay attention. Writing this blog has been a way for me to process my life. This week I have had to face that I have been pretending to do the work. It has been a valiant effort and I think I need to take a step back from all the things and focus on this transformation. I'm sitting with everyone not being entitled to all parts of me. Dear readers, you have never asked anything of me so please do not take this as a judgment. I think if I am honest, I have been throwing myself out there hoping to make and impact and have someone resonate. It's so hard. I am going to step away and work though my healing. The past two years have been very challenging. Nothing will change if I do not change. Life will keep happening to me if I keep letting it. I wish you all the best on your journeys. You are welcome to stay in contact if necessary and I will respond when I can. I am not currently taking on new clients at this time. Listening to yourself is not easy especially when you have to give up things that you love. This is not goodbye. It's until next time. Be kind to yourself. Namaste.