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Successful Sunday, September 26th, 2021

Pulling Back the Curtain

A red curtain.


This week I’m peeling back the curtain a bit and sharingsome of my process with you. I writethese blogs usually with a framework of questions. “What do we need to consider this week?” Then I pull four cards or four randompictures and frame them with other questions. I like for the pictures. The first picture is an old weather tome surroundedby seaweed. The words read, Witch Spelland the first few lines of Double Double, Toil and Trouble. The first question I ask myself is what isgoing on and then I just reflect on what comes to mind. The first thing I noticed was that I recalledthe verse as double double boil and bubble so perhaps this is a reminder thatthings are not what I believe. This tiesin to the last few weeks where I was a facilitator to training that included GEMBA walks, which train people how to see and my women’s business group that trained us that we are not our thoughts. I thought I had something correct, but when the facts were in front ofme, I realized that I had not perceived the situation as it truly was. What are some other perceptions that youbelieve to be reality, but may actually just be a fabrication of your mind? 

The next picture was of five men in suits shot from thetorso to their feet. They are standingon a large step and they all have their pants legs hiked up to reveal colorfulstriped socks. What is the challengethat I am facing? What strikes me inthis picture is the contrast between the homogeneity of their dark suits and the bright pop of color from the socks. I also note that their shoes are polished. What comes to mind to me is striking abalance. Balance has been my rock to rollup the hill day after day. For me, Ikeep trying to paint myself in a box, hiding my true creativity self by trying to conform. This makes me part of thefaceless masses. How can I hope to shineif I hide my gifts? The people in the picture ensure their shoes are shined which reminded me of the hours my son spent shining his shoes for ROTC. Perhaps being able to see your efforts immediately is tantalizing,whereas creative endeavors sometimes remain beneath the surface and take time to show. Do you want to stay safe or showyour bold and creative side? 

The next question is what advice can help the situation? The picture is a black and white photo of aman who looks like a young Sting. Thereare color pops for his hair (blond and spiky), blue clown makeup under hiseyes, red clown lips, and a red tie. He is all in black. His face is defiant. Clown makeup makes me think about masks we wear. The idea of boldness is echoed in thepop of color from the red tie. Themakeup suggests crying while smiling.  Thisreminds me that I am also dealing or perhaps not dealing with grief by continued to paint on a happy face. Igenuinely feel happy most of the time. This hearkens back to the earlier picture about perception vsreality. The stories we tell ourselvesmatter and are important. What is thestory you are telling yourself? Is itfiction? What purpose does it serve. Sometimes the truest truths are found in fairytales and fiction is a way to soften hard truths. 

Finally, the last picture is a person making their eye openwider with a finger.  What are thepotential outcomes if nothing changes? It’s a closeup of the open dark browneye and four fingers of a tiny hand are hanging from the bottom of the eye. It is a little creepy. The person has little spots on their skin aswell. The hand looks pale and unhealthy. It reminds me of a corpse. When I look at the pictures as a whole,perhaps the corpse of older perceptions continues to dwell inside, peeking out and coloring or perhaps draining the color from what I see. Open your eyes and truly see. The hand does not fully show itself. It gives me a feel of lurking and somethingthat does not want to leave. The magichappens when we confront the lies we tell ourselves, take off the mask, and see. If we remain blind to the depths,nothing will change and we will continue to conform. We all have to ask ourselves the hardquestions and sit with the discomfort of the answers. Will you be bold or hold onto the corpse ofthoughts which no longer serve you? Namaste. 


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