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Successful Sunday, September 19th, 2021

Still a Chaos Magnet

A grey scale conductor whose head is a trumbone against a mustard background with a diagonal shadow.

This week, I have been tooting my own horn to encourage others to reflect upon their own awesomeness.  As carefree and confident as I appear, I am riddled with self-doubt.  I suppose many of us are, but we do not want to admit it or appear weak to others.  I used to naively believe that if you work hard you will be recognized and get ahead in life.  For me, working hard generally made me a useful idiot.  I put my all into what I do because to me, it is the right thing to do.  I have had to learn the skill of self-promotion, not to move up in life, but to get others to pay attention.

This week I facilitated training and some days it felt like being between a rock and a hard place.  I was familiar with the topic because it was part of my job, but I was new to the training format.  Thankfully, I work with amazing people and as a team, we were able to deliver a high energy and immediately actionable conduct that had our team fired up and ready to go.  What I love about training others, is how much you learn yourself.  Looking at things through fresh perspectives and saying them out loud, triggers something in me.  It really helps to shake one out of complacency.  I had to reflect on what I was teaching others and if I was living it myself.  

The training may have been a little harder than necessary because my old perfectionist tendencies started to creep up.  I had to let go of being perfect and embrace being authentic.  I had to trust that if I forgot something or said it wrong, my team would have my back.  Turns out that I grossly underestimated my capability and put myself through all this stress for no reason.  When you are passionate and knowledgeable about something, it comes through.  All I had to do was allow myself to be in Flow.

What's next?  I am on fire after this training and after my first successful public #IamRemarkable session.  The trick is to not burn up but to use this spark to light the flames of others.  I know that group discussion is an incredible opportunity for growth because bringing different perspectives sharpens everyone in the group.  I'm moving from tooting my horn, to banging the drum.  Saturday the 25th I am hosting two more #IamRemarkable sessions.  It changed my life for the better and I hope you are ready to make that change with me.  Namaste

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