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Successful Sunday, September 12th, 2021

A promise is a promise. Now to lose at chess :)

Am empty highway leading to a light downtown at night.  There are blue lights on the left and on the right is a divided lane with a red light cutting over avoiding the exit.

Hello readers, I made a promise and I need to keep it, so this blog will be a little different than normal.

Yesterday, I was driving with a girlfriend on a busy highway.  We were engrossed in our conversation about finding flow.  I was complaining to her that I always seemed to overbook myself and I did not know why I kept attracting chaos into my life.  She responded that sometimes we are not attracting things, but that is just life.  Without missing a beat, we hear a loud roar as a car cut in front of us and immediately weaved into another lane.  Seconds later, a third and then a fourth.  We were a little shaken because they were driving very aggressively in the tightly packed lanes.

I looked over to her and said, "That's life."  What a perfect example.  We were in our lane, following the speed limit, keeping a safe distance; doing what we were supposed to do when suddenly you are thrown off balance by external agents.  We took a deep breath, composed ourselves and hoped that no one would be hurt by their dangerous driving.  We could have railed against them, but instead, we accepted what was and continued our defensive driving.  We often shake our fists at the hand that has been dealt to us.  To me, that is a waste of energy.  I am battling what is.  I am not saying to not try and change your life and accept shoddy treatment, but I am saying that you are the boss of you.  People are going to try and cut into your lane.  How will you respond?  Namaste

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