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Successful Sunday, September 24th, 2023

My Goodies

A sepia toned picture of an old fashioned brass key on a forest floor hidden amongst leaves and pinecones

One of my friend's videos came up on my feed today and it's been a while since I heard from them. What stood out to me was "stop telling people your good juju." Fear not, I am still going to share some takeways but I am holding a secret. I am working on something that has so many applications and I am very excited about it. I am going to hold this close to my vest, so if you know what I am talking about, consider yourself special :)

This week I have been reflecting on energy exchanges and creating win-win situations. I hosted my final LinkedIn Audio event for Manic to Magic Sunday series and the collaboration and co-creation could have powered a small city. Normally after an event, I feel my energy ebb away doing the boring transcription work, but I wanted this to be accessible and as I reviewed what we discussed, I gleaned more insights so the process was less tedious and almost flew by this time. Pay attention to your energy levels this week after interactions. How do you feel? If you feel depleted, what changes can you make?

Apparently it is the autumnunal equinox and a good time to reflect on what you have harvested from the seeds you have planted as well as what you need to release. I cut some ties to people who have drained me and it has been remarkable what a visceral change has happened in my physical body and my attitude. Sometimes you need to remove rocks and weeds even though it requires effort, in order to plant new seeds and make room for a new harvest. I planted some gladiolus earlier this year and they have bloomed and faded. I can keep them in my garden, but they are not going to bloom until I plant new bulbs. What things in your life have completed their season?


If you need some help letting go or figuring out where you energy is going, please book a call with me.