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Successful Sunday, September 17th, 2023

The Hot Seat

a pale hand holding several Pokemon playing cards fanned out against a murky grey background

I saw a great post from Wendy McWherter, ACC titled Laser Coaching – Five Questions to Save You Time. I tried them out as a birthday present to a friend and they loved it. In the vein of “physician, heal thyself” I will put myself in the hot seat and coach myself. Since I do things in a unique way and have become an adjective at work (That presentation is so Stacy), we are going to do this with Pokémon cards. I find that as a three-hundred-and-sixty-degree thinker, I am often overwhelmed. Intuitive tools and visual aids serve to whittle down the playing field. For example, I was a guest on a panel, and they asked me to share my identity. I would not have gotten through it without Xerneas, a stag-like fairy Pokémon reminding me that I am a bold, magical being.

What’s working? I got a Pokémon Lightning Energy card. It is a bright yellow card with a black lightning icon in a yellow sphere. My personal energy levels and the idea of short-circuiting come to mind. What is working is being cognizant of my energy levels and planning my most important tasks during high-energy times. It is also knowing when my energy has been discharged and delegating to others. It’s also recognizing that my charge is finite and will run out, so in the mornings I set an intention for only one must do each day. Everything else that I get done is a win. Today, my intention was to honor my energy and fully immerse myself in my day. Instead of jumping out of bed, I appreciated how comfortable and cozy I felt surrounded by blankets. I started my morning with a sound bath and noticed how the various frequencies felt. I waited until I was hungry to eat and savored every bite. I did not start this blog until I had appropriate inspiration. If I were to view my actions from an outside perspective, I would need to challenge her if vision was sufficient. This brings us to the 2nd question.

What’s not working? I pulled Toxel. It is a sleepy-looking baby lizard cat electric type. I am tired and instead of taking a nap, I am pushing through to complete this blog. According to the notes about Toxel, it selfishly seeks attention. This Pokémon stores poison and electricity and can convert toxins into a poison that it is immune to. I often do things because I like them and want to be seen as someone who adds value. Trying to get validation about my worth from external sources drains me. My energy is depleted faster than normal because I am not listening to my body. It’s why I worked late the other day because I want Stacy to be perceived as someone who gets things done. If I continue this cycle, it will impact my long-term health and decision-making since tired people lack clarity.

What am I learning? Before I pull a card, I have been learning more about my role in my current situation. Torracat is a reddish-orange fire-type feline Pokémon with two black bands around each leg. I feel like jumping out of the frying pan into the fire. It is challenging for me to be still, especially when I am fired up. When you build a fire, it takes planning to maintain the flames. You need proper kindling, a fuel source, and oxygen. This creature wears its heart on its head. You can tell how it feels from the appearance of its mane and the energy level of a fire bell around its throat. There is a time and place for pushing through, but if a fire lacks oxygen, it will burn out. When I pay attention to the physical and mental cues, things improve for me, even if rest seems counterintuitive. When I reflect after an activity or at the end of the day, I begin to see behavior patterns that allow me to identify what needs to be addressed.

What needs to change? Timburr is a grey bipedal fighting type often found at construction sites helping to carry logs. I have learned that I continuously pick up logs that do not belong to me. This disempowers others from growing and leads to my energy being depleted. I need to be more selective in my actions and ensure that my cup is full before I pour out. I can infer how I feel by putting together the prior lessons about energy and physical cues. Do certain people and activities fire me up or bring me down? I’ve already left many relationships, mindsets, and activities that no longer serve me. Helping is not a bad thing. Over-helping to the point of exhaustion is not in anyone’s best interest. I have also been reflecting on allowing and noticing that I am often hypervigilant and overcontrolling. The concept of surrender is quite tricky. The idea of removing the log from my eye before dealing with other splinters also comes to mind. Allowing myself to be vulnerable and lean on my friends and family has been a game-changer. Sharing experiences with loved ones opened up the ability to have a full range of emotions. I no longer want to go fast alone but further with the community.

Finally, What’s Next? Grubbin is a small larval grass-type Pokémon with large mandibles. I am not excited about this humble card at first glance. Insects give me the creeps. However, since I recently posted that I have buried Stacy the People Pleaser, it makes sense that the new me is in a larval state, finding leaves to nourish itself and grow. I must learn new tactics in order to evolve to the next level. We come full circle since this Pokémon often seeks out electric types for protection. I often say that I am bamboo and can admit that I am tired of being underground. Why is a unique magical stag hiding away? Perhaps it must lay low since the great horns are caught in branches. Ironically Grubbin’s attack is a Vice Grip. Its mandibles can snap tree branches. With great power comes great responsibility. Perhaps I need to hold onto the idea of connections since this creature can create sticky threads that allow it freedom of movement and stop attackers. Small, consistent actions can yield mighty results. What’s next? After I post this blog, I will fold laundry, delegate shopping, and take a nap. Namaste

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