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Successful Sunday, September 10th, 2023


4 cupcakes on a white plate on a table with strewn flowers.  There is a cupcake to the left and a cup of coffee

We throw away so many words, never expecting them to have power. We also speak many words about ourselves with more power than we realize. “I’m an idiot.” “I’ll never get it.” “Nobody cares.” What if we lived our lives expecting more? “Nobody cares?” You can care. I care, and that’s enough for me. I can be the care that I want to see in the world. When I was a little girl, people would tell me, “Stacy, you’re such a pretty girl.” I would respond, “I know.” Don’t come for me. I know that our worth and value are not based on external superficialities. My mum reinforced that if you are ugly on the inside, your external beauty doesn’t matter. The point is that little Stacy was unapologetic and confident. She expected love and that people would be kind.

I was shopping for ingredients to make my aunt a cake for her birthday. The shopkeepers were curious about my purchases in every store I went to. When I told them, I was baking a cake for my aunt. “Bring me a piece, and happy birthday to your aunt.” The scarcity mindset “me” mentally chided them. They saw how much rum costs and expected me to bring them some cake. Honestly, they did not expect anything from me. I was a random customer, and people always say things in passing. Abundant “me” wants to be a person who is unafraid to bless others and doesn’t worry how it impacts my supplies. More will come; it will always come. I was tired and did not want to bake two cakes to satisfy a whim.

“Mom, can you bring home some onions.” Ugh, I had just left the other store. Fine, maybe I would find some disposable tins, and I could siphon off some cake. Instead, I found cupcake tins. This was perfect. An entire cake was too much for my aunt and my kids. If I made cupcakes, there would be plenty for us and enough to share. I had always hated how my rum cupcakes turned out since the top would be rounded like beachballs, and the nuts would be on the bottom. My open-mindedness always allowed my creativity to flourish. What if I sprinkled the nuts on top?

I went to make my deliveries. At the first store, the person was so touched that they gave me a hug. Very few people expect their wishes to become a reality. The person at the second store was equally delighted. No hug, but I have a shot with my name on it. I also do not expect anything from them. I hope they will remember that sometimes when we speak our desires out loud, they come true without any effort. Perhaps they will be nice to some other random stranger. I have no expectations of them. I do expect that I will remember this lesson and think abundantly and generously. Strangers will return wallets, hold the door, or help you when your hands are full. I challenge you to speak your wishes out loud and allow life to delight you. Namaste

P.S. Do not DM your mailing address. The baking is over 😊