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Successful Sunday, October 29th, 2023

A comfort zone is a desert

A room with hardwood floors and grey and geen chairs and loveseats.  The wall has painted words that says Welcome to the community.

When was the last time you got out of your comfort zone? I am going to host a LinkedIn Audio event with some new connections. We have never worked together before, and this format and topic are new. So what? I have the mindset of what’s the best that can happen. A friend of mine shared a podcast about reframing our thoughts. I agreed with some parts of it, but I thought without context, it was reckless. The premise was that we are enough, and we matter. If thinking or stating our value was enough, the Black Lives Matter Movement would not be necessary. Black Lives do matter, and we should have the right to be mediocre because we are enough; back to this event. The three of us do similar work. The old me would feel threatened and not enough compared to people with more experience. However, practicing an abundant mindset and the spirit of collaboration makes me excited about this event.

Everyone has been burned before. How we respond to betrayal can have continued repercussions. I have been shut down and afraid of working with others. Being more open and vulnerable has expanded my circle and knowledge. After a dry spell, I have had two guests on my podcast and working on a third. Each recording was beautiful and helpful in learning how to create win/win situations. We can go so much further together. There is a time for silence as well. I am exploring a patent for my latest project and can’t say anything else. My intention in all my collaborations is to have fun and to create abundance for all my collaborators. Had I stayed in my hermit cave, I would probably have quit.

One of the lessons that I learned was from how my latest podcast guest does interpretations. We both use intuitive tools, and I had an a-ha moment when she read a reversed card as the end of a cycle. I generally interpret it as something that is a challenge. It makes a difference to view something as a struggle or to view it from the aspect that I have learned my lesson and am ready to implement in my life. If I view myself as a leader, I am more likely to be confident and take charge of my life. I am more likely to advocate for myself and take risks. As Queen Sharla Stevens and the Ancestors reminds me, I can write a love song since I have a unique perspective.

I’ve spoken about taking time to reflect and be still each day. I have fallen off the wagon, but thankfully live with my own Jiminy Cricket, who reminds me to take a break from my phone. During those quiet times, I am often inspired but more importantly, I am recognizing patterns. It gets even better! Leading by example, I notice that my kids are also reflecting and coming to realizations about their behavior and also making changes. Being open and vulnerable with your loved ones creates powerful ripples. As I discussed in my latest podcast, it is tempting to go back to my old ways. I already see the resistance to being still and resting. Are you ready to get out of your comfort zone? Namaste.

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