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Things To Think About Podcast Transcript October 29, 2023


4 Tarot cards. 1st 21. The World A tan woman with shoulder length curly hair wearing a rainbow sundress encircled by a snake and white geometry symbols.  15. The Devil upside down.  A dark haired bare chested white man with a pentagram on his chest holding puppet strings of an anguished person in a hoodie.  3. 3. The Empress.  A white brunette mother earth figure pregnant with the world and a shawl of the ocean with the moon in the top right corner.  4. 12 The Hanged man upside down.  A woman hanging from a cloth.  She is bent back and one arm grabs her foot and the other hangs down.  She is trouching a greenish swirling light.

Intro: Pounding bass note and a stirring fanfare of horns. Welcome to another edition of Things to Think about. Here's Stacy. The horns continue with a keyboard note held.

Content Advisory: This episode briefly mentions physical abuse and addiction. If you or someone you know struggles with substance abuse disorder please call 1-800-662-HELP or 1-800-662-4357 to be connected to help.

Stacy Casson 0:00

Welcome to the Things to Think About Podcast. My special guest today is Joniqua Alvarez. Joniqua is the founder and CEO of the 5013C, Paw 2 Palms, Incorporated. She's a dog lover and advocate, a gifted tarot card reader, and amazing mom and a person who loves life. Joniqua welcome to the show.

Joniqua Alvarez 0:23

Oh my gosh, Stacy! thank you so much. That was such a great introduction. I couldn't have said it better myself. Thank you so much.

Stacy Casson 0:32

My pleasure. My pleasure. And today, we're gonna be exploring how do you align your career with your purpose? [Joniqua: Okay] And did you want to share any background information on that?

Joniqua Alvarez 0:47

Okay, so what what really helped me transition on the path that I am now especially incorporating my career and everything aligned is because I finally accepted that I was good at many things, instead of trying to single my single myself out into one thing. Now, it's always good to be a big dreamer, I have many dreams, but it is very important for you to, for you to find something that you love to do. But also that you're good at, right? Because that that that makes the transition a little bit better. You know, as I've grown, and as I've met people over the years, and even me meeting up to you, I realized that relationships play a big role, in your transition in life. And for me, I started I always, I always was working in like, retail, I was always working around people. And you know, for my family, my other, my other family members, they always had like corporate jobs or like behind the desk job. But for me, my calling was for people. Like I love being around people, not because it was a certain job, but it was because it was because I was able to be around people engaging with people. My last job that I had that transitioned. My career until now was Starbucks. I was working for Starbucks around four years ago. And I got fired because of the crisis happened in COVID. So wasn't fired, it was actually laid off because of the hours and this when COVID hit. So I just moved in to my apartment, Stacy, I just move into my apartment, I have my job going. And I'm like, yay. And then right when I right when I got it, I got laid off, like the hours was there was like two hours, it was really, really bad. And a lot of people were getting sick. So they had closed the store down. And now I think it's a bank. Now one of the Starbucks, and I was screwed. I really felt really scared. And something got over me one day. And I said I'm not living in fear. I literally took time to take inventory about what was going in. What was I going to do in my life? And how was I going to my make my dream like that, you know, COVID, Stacy, really, really woke me up. And I've always liked dogs ever since I was a child, I always would watch Animal Planet, but the episodes where they were doing surgery on dogs like healing dogs like or doing surgery. So my grandmother was a dog owner of 12 Pekingese. And as I've grown, I started to love them. But I didn't know I can make a career. So when I faced with a choice, like what are you going to do because we had nothing but time on our hands. That since that time, I was like, let me go and get my 501 C three I was actually dating somebody. And they actually had they had their own nonprofit and all this I was like inspired by them. And Stacy I went ahead and I went to get my 501 C three I filled out and I was like I am going to tap in and zone on this until I see something working instead of me switching, switching switching. I'm going to sacrifice and I'm going to dwindle down and see what can I get out of putting my time and effort into something that I really enjoy instead of the money. And I went and 2021 I got my clearance of the 501C3 nonprofit so when I did that and Stacy, you know, get into rescuing. It's like a fighting match. When you are somebody you would think that it's everybody, is helpful. The when I started rescuing, like, there was so much people that that was that, that was making me not want to do rescuing, because instead of helping, there are older people, or there are people that have that has been in that rescuing business more that they feel like you are not qualified. So me coming into a whole new business, I'm thinking like, oh, it's gonna be fun, it's gonna be dogs. It was a challenge. It was a challenge, because I had to prove myself to these Rescues that they can work with me or it was like, it wasn't what I thought. So I got into that. And when I first rescued my first dog, there was a pit bull. And all the odds was against me again, because I'm dealing with animals that, that maybe are not behaved or have went through. So I have kids. So it was new to my mom, no one ever in my family chose to do something like this, other than my grandmother, but me making a career out of it. It was really new to people and they weren't on board. They weren't on board, my family weren't on board, I had to do a lot of responsibilities by myself. I actually partnered up with a rescue team in Texas. So a lot of my litters were coming from Texas. And it was a lot of taking care of these dogs. But it taught me patience. It taught me how to stand my ground and protect something that I really love. And it also helped me with my process of healing because I went through a abusive relationship also. So I'm saying all this to say you see how this may be jumping, jumping, jumping, but I trusted my path, I trusted my intuition. And I even though it may seem confusing, a even though it may, you may be unsure, I still believe that that something was better. And if I would have listened to the people that was telling me to stop the dog rescuing because I'm getting dangerous dogs or I would have stopped my path. If I were to let COVID destroy my new opportunity in my home, and, you know, destroy my happiness to where I'm not even celebrating my home because I just got out of a big thing with my job, I wouldn't never have got through that. So life may may bring you ups and downs especially in your career. [Stacy: Yeah] You have to know how to go with the flow and trust that no matter what you're ending, it is for a greater good. And if you are a jack a jack of all trades, you got it, you're gonna be moving in life did your career as we are evolving, technology is evolving everybody, it's always something new that's coming out. So you must stay current. And you must stay open to the trials, the changes and the ups and downs that you may experience throughout your journey, especially in your career where you're trying to align everything you know your mind, your body, your spirit, your family, your your your personal life. Don't forget about that. You know, but when something is for you, you are going to feel it. But it might not give you the money right away that you are expecting or you might have to work on it a little bit more. But everything will align because you see

a healer right a healer. You know the dogs that's incorporating healing for me. That's still on my path of healing. And then Tarot. Then I moved to Tarot, like I went from Starbucks to the dog rescue, and then to Tarot. So as you guys are hearing this and you're probably like, oh my gosh, how do you think I felt? How do you think I feel when I'm like, What is Tarot? I literally didn't know crap about Tarot. I ended a marriage, I made a proposal I was supposed to get married. And something wasn't going right. And I just ended it and I went through the dark night of the soul. Like I went through it, Stacy, like a lot of my hair fell out because I didn't comb my hair in about like two years and this is after I got the dog rescue. So this is flowing right. But that still if your personal life is not right. Everything has to be aligned. Everything has to be balanced. And I was going through all this. So even if even though it was a time of empowerment. It was a time of grief and grief and sadness because I was being called to let go of somebody that I thought I was going to spend my life with. I was being forced to sacrifice something that I thought I really wanted. Like I never been married before. So like that was my dream. So to have that day be presented to me and then me being given a choice to cut that out. It was like a non really, really a wave of ups and downs for me up until this point but it was all for reasons, because now I get it. I had to go through all these things because I was healing a lot of trauma. I was getting into these jobs that was having me around a lot of people because I was scared of abandonment issues. So everything is correlating and then boom, I come out of nowhere and start doing Tarot. And then my family is like what the hell is wrong with this girl? She's doing the freaking dog thing. I don't know. She's getting these vicious dogs that they viewing as vicious. I'm changing my life dramatically because now, Stacy, I'm speaking up for myself. So now it's like the things that I weren't saying that I'm feeling confident to say not to hurt anyone, just to speak my truth. So then I started doing Tarot. Now the family thinks I'm in a cult. Now the family doesn't understand why I'm doing this belief system. And it's not that I'm in a cult. It's just I'm trying to expand out of what I was kind of closed into an I na I have came from a very religious family. So a lot of these things are not what society or your family has, but after a while mastering Tarot and after taking a deeper look at myself through Tarot engaging in connecting through Tarot in ways that really helped me. I started to realize that, you know, the Creator for me, the goal wasn't to traumatize me, or to have me heartbroken out of my family situation. It was simply for me to observe how different people work and how different people you know, respond to different things. So that way, I know how to react to different situations, because my Creator already knew I was gonna get involved in all these things. He that, you know, my God already knew I was getting into Tarot before I did or doing this dog thing. So I had to be prepared for a certain situations. And I think that's probably why I've met you. And that's probably where I met a lot of other people that are so different because my life has been completely different, even down to the career. You know, um, yeah. And then me coming from a, I was a physically abused, I went through a physically abusive relationship since 19 to 30, like 30/31. So I couldn't have sat here and spoken about that for the whole podcast. But it's not about what you went through it is about transmutation. And is that is the real Alchemist. You know, learning that you may be confused about your career, but that's because you're so talented. It's not because you're you're you're you're you're crazy or you you're you're not structured or it's because you're you know, you have so much qualities in you. You just don't have enough people to pour into you and help you with these so you're all you're you're all over the place. 'Scuze me and it's not meant to make you feel broken. It's just make you it's meant all this stuff is meant to inspire you to like kind of like narrow down on something but not kill yourself because you're, you feel like it's so much going on.

Stacy Casson 13:23

Right? No, I can completely relate to what you're talking about. I've heard a term on a TED talk a multipreneur, or people that just have a lot of different interests. A lot of people my understanding people with ADHD, they have a lot of interests, shiny object syndrome. But sometimes you really are good at everything. Let's look at oh my gosh, his name just escaped me the creator of Atlanta. And he did the song. This is America. You know who I'm talking about? Oh, yeah. This is America. You got me slipping on. Oh my gosh. I cannot remember his name. I Oh, well, it'll come to me. Oh, yeah. I'll google him, but let's let's get into the story. And when when you shared your story, I see such parallels already with our first card. "Joniqua: Really?" It's The World. And it's this woman. She's she's glowing. She's wearing her little summer dress and she is surrounded by I guess images of sacred geometry and that everything is her oyster. I think there's like a, like the name of the Norse snake. You know that encircles itself. The serpent? Yeah, uhsurrounding her. Donald Glover. Sorry. That's the artist, Donald Glover. He can act, he did comedy. He sings. He's a producer. He does so many things. And he's just continued to do that because he followed his purpose. So I think we should give her a name. What would you name this this, this woman in the world?

Joniqua Alvarez 15:12

I would name her (pause) Angel.

Stacy Casson 15:19

Angel. Okay, so Angel was walking in life, and she had a dream because I see all these beautiful lights around her. And looking at all the different choices. I feel like she had so many choices. And this, you know, in her current situation, she wanted to align with her purpose. Anything else come up for you when we look at Angel in her in the start of her journey?

Joniqua Alvarez 15:45

Yeah, I feel like she has she's coming into like, I feel like she's stepping into like a new portal of freedom. You know, I feel like this World card is symbolic of completion right? Before The World we experience all the karmic lessons. That's what we're doing from The Fool card to the World card. So now even as you see an expression, she's like, I finally did it. Like I finally understand. And you know, you're ready for the new world. So yeah. Right. It It's also giving me hula hoop lives. Like everything like she has balance, like she knows how to work around certain things, or she knows how to keep things spinning and boundaries. All right, it's giving me hula hoops. So much. Somebody may be loving hula hoops, or like that as a child.

Stacy Casson 16:37

Or they can be me that I'm that sad meme video of the girl that cannot hula hoop. It just goes to the floor. So I admire people that can keep the hula hoops spinning. [Joniqua: Right!] But Angel then on her journey, she meets her next character, and we have The Devil, who's hot as hell, but this card is reversed. So this is some challenges. And what reminded me of your story were the people telling you you can't do this, or what is going on, or you literally have become a part of the devil when you're exploring new things. But like what are the other challenges that you see when when Angel is trying to align with her purpose.

Joniqua Alvarez 17:19

So what the devil card being in reverse? That's all about addictions, right? That's all about our temptations and our desires. And, um, you know, that could have been a lot of things that was in her past that was kind of attaching itself to her to keep her stuck. And that lower level mindset that that stagnant energy, alright, just as for me, um, you know, my, my dad, he grew up as an addict. Alright, so my grandfather, he actually passed away from cirrhosis of liver. So when you go through challenges like that in your life, and there are addictions that are in your family, you step that starts to trickle down to you, because, say, if she had, she didn't have a father there because there were a lot of addictions, you start to attract relationships, in the form of you missing that type of bonding experience. So those could have been just, you know, the devil or uh that could have been just like men, men throughout her life that weren't really good, that weren't really healthy for her, that was attached to a lot of karma, because they were in the wrong life. You know, those could have be men that that was tempting. Tempting, you know, keeping you in a lower level chakra, you know, in survival mode. That's why you, you know, Angel is at the World card, because she was able to not get into those temptations, not given to, to those devilish ways that tried to attach themselves to pleasure. Through through through, through through lust, right. Yeah,

Stacy Casson 19:09

Yeah. I also see when you're when you were sharing part of your story, but some of the things she had to let go. And it's hard because when you want to walk into something new, sometimes there are sacrifices, your old ways of life, your old ways thinking, your old mindset, old ways of doing things, and people that are also stuck in the old ways of doing things, people that can't fathom something new, especially when you're walking into a new purpose and something that people haven't seen before, and they don't think it's possible until you do it. So I also feel that, in her journey, there's that and especially when things got hard, there's a temptation to go back like, Oh, really, I really I mis I misunderstood this and this is when that self doubt also kicks in. And, I'm not I'm not got ready for this? Right? I can't do this. And you're tempted to fall back to the old ways instead of walking in your purpose, in your alignment and that is always a challenge when you want to do something new. Because you're breaking out of a cycle, your brain is yelling at you (in a higher comic voice) "stay safe, stay safe", you know, "danger Will Robinson." So it's also hard to let go of people that no longer support you no longer align. Like when you when you are when you stay in the box, and you make people happy, and comfortable. You know, they're with you. But once you start to push against them, and challenge them and challenge the authority, especially of parental figures that are used to being in charge, of institutions that are used to being in charge, they don't want you to succeed and then you walk away from that is a challenge. [Joniqua:Yes,]

Joniqua Alvarez 20:51

I totally agree.

Stacy Casson 20:52

So let's see what can help Angel and here we have the beautiful Empress card. (Joniqua giggles) Like the earth mother figure, she's got potential growing in her belly, she's surrounded by all the elements and the moon and the stars. And what what comes to mind for you what can help people when they're in that dark night of the soul?

Joniqua Alvarez 21:15

I feel like coming out with this Empress this Empress energy, it is like a revamp to to who you are when you are in an Empress energy, this it speaks about screams prioritizing yourself. prioritizes self love so forgiving yourself for all of those mistakes, even you see how you mentioned, you know, that Devil card caught trying to suck you back trying to suck you back and then making you feel feel a way when you're challenging, right? That belief system. This is all about claiming that. This is that that the Empress energy, you know, it's all about embodying you know, self love, self care, you know, creativity, because that is going to make you feel more inspired. All right, that is going to keep you in an energy of Creation, making sure your physical vessel, right, health as well. All right, that's why the Empress is always able to create because she's embodies, she's an embodiment of Venus. That's love. And I feel like, um, you know, what's helping Angel after getting over, you know, that, that that devil energy, it's all about self love. And as we grow, we get to parent ourselves, we get to show ourselves all of the stuff, the care, the support that we didn't give ourselves and coming into this Empress energy. It's not holding grudges, but moreso understanding, moving on, and fulfilling your dream without holding, you know, without letting the past hold you behind. It given the nurture, right, that motherly nurture.

Stacy Casson 22:59

Nurturing yourself and also I get this idea of an abundant mindset. [Joniqua: Yes] kind of living. like this has happened to you that idea of having that vision, holding it true, you know, they say dress for the job that you want to be. So it's kind of like live the life as if it's happening to you. Right? When you're looking for a new car, all of a sudden you see that car everywhere. So when you have that mindset of abundance and possibility, you start to see those opportunities, like you had to find an opportunity in Texas, right? Yeah, because you have other, you had other rescues that didn't see your potential, but you saw your potential, and you found people to partner and help you and nurture you and help care for this, this new business that you're trying to raise. So I think that having that vision, and that North star to keep you in alignment is also important and the belief that that there is enough for me too, because and I I've worked with a lady called Sharla Stephens and the Ancestors. And she had an amazing example about love songs. There's a million love songs out there. And she's like, but you can still write a love song because you're coming from your own perspective. And nobody's written that love song before. And you're going to find the people that appreciate your love song. So it doesn't matter that a million other people have done it. Nobody's done it like you've done it.

Joniqua Alvarez 24:38

I think you hit it right on the nail Stacy because that is what the Empress is. And you know, it's crazy how these cards are lining up, right because that's what we learn from the World card. We learn how to accept ourselves, you know, stands up for our ourselves and not be let into temptations. Right? And then you're coming out so was strong, you know, that you have now it's like you're ready for this material world, you're ready because action, action action and you know the Empress she doesn't go around feeling bad that someone else is doing something better than her. So this is just another supportive nurturing energy that is no reason to be mad or jealous about somebody else's gift. Because you have mastered everything, you you know that nothing you can do, no one else can do. And that pushes you into abundant personality. When you know, I'm a creator, I can create something amazing. I have the tools I have the brains, I have the emotions, I have the passion. So that's what this Empress is doing nurturing all of those, all of those elements, right to make you know that you are able to create.

Stacy Casson 25:56

I love it. And finally, we have outcomes. And this card is kind of special to me. It's the Hanged Man reverse. So we have a lady, she's, I think she's on the silks. I think people use that in in yoga. There's they're kind of like a hanging thing. And you do all different kinds of poses on the silks and you trust the silk to support you. This one's a little reverse. And you had recently done a series where you talked about allowing. And I think that if you allow yourself and allow things to help you get in that alignment. That is how you are successful with aligning your career to your purpose. And this definitely is a challenge for me. But what comes up for you when you look at the Hanged Man?

Joniqua Alvarez 26:44

The Hanged Man. It was in reverse, right? Yeah. Yeah. So the Hanged Man upright, right? That's usually a time in our life where we need to stop, pause, reflect and see things from a different way. Right. So the Hanged Man in reverse. Your lesson is learned. There's no reason to stay stuck no more. There's no reason to feel like you are not ready. There's no doubt there's no reason to feel like you don't have enough trust in yourself. That is what the Hanged Man is for the Janged Man is you being illuminated, right? You seeing things from different ways you weighing out your options. You putting yourself in other people's shoes, but when the Hanged Man is in reverse. And you know the other cards surrounding it plays a major role. Because sometimes the Hanged Man in reverse is like where are you going? Are you going somewhere where you're rushing to, you know, you haven't learned. But with these things in the Devil being in reverse, you are ready, you are ready to life. And you you you've learned there's no reason to keep waiting, there's no reason to keep praying. Because the more you keep praying, the more you're trying to wait, the action needs to be put towards those manifestations. So this is a way of the Creator saying, Hey! You've been a good student, it's time for you to put these lessons. You know what I'm saying? So that is a great, this is great energy for the Hanged Man to be in reverse. Because you've learned. Now you need to trust yourself. You need to trust yourself. So this is like a boost of encouragement like you've learned all you needed to learn. Yeah, for this for this season, you know,

Stacy Casson 28:25

Yeah. No. Because like you said, there's always going to be something new. Even when you get into your purpose. Life happens, change happens. We had COVID. A lot of people were in their purpose. And they had to find a new purpose because the literal world changed around them. [Joniqua: Right]. And it's so big that as you grow on your journey, you might find that your heart is called to the next, the next thing in your life, like you said, you, you have a lot of loves. Right now you're able to do quite a few of them concurrently at the same time. And because you have aligned with your purpose of people, and helping people and being a part of a community, and I honestly remember when I first met you and your YouTube channel, I think there were like ten or twelve subscribers. [Joniqua: Yeah.] And you have thousands of subscribers now because you believed in yourself and you believe that this can happen and you didn't let anybody tell you that this wasn't going to happen. You just expected it to happen. And that is so beautiful, uh Joniqua. was so. [Joniqua. I think this Yeah.] Yeah, I want to thank you for sharing your story and sharing your wonderful insights on how people can align and be brave and take that step. Joniqua. How do people get a hold of you?

Joniqua Alvarez 29:45

Oh, so you can hit me up on Instagram. I'm actually redoing my website. So that won't be available until like three weeks. Alright, so you can definitely hit me up on Instagram. My email is So I'm always answering emails, go check out my YouTube. I post daily content on there when it comes to tarot card readers, and I'm so thankful that I had the chance to sit down, hang out with Stacy. She's amazing and get the feeling of this podcast. So I really, really appreciate you. [Stacy:Thank you so

Stacy Casson 30:22

much Joniqua. And as for me, I'm Stacy Casson. You can find me on LinkedIn. I'm also on Instagram. All of our information will be put in the show notes. And please reach out to Joniqua. She is a wonderful human being so warm and caring. And thank you all for joining this edition.

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