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Successful Sunday, November 26th, 2023

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Hello Subscribers, as I prepare myself mentally to return to work from leave, I am changing the format slightly. I intend for you to use my weekly writings to help you prepare for the week and set yourself up for success. Please let me know if you find it helpful.

This week, I am returning to work after being on leave. For many of you, tomorrow may just be Monday. How can we set ourselves up for success? Meet yourself where you are. What is your energy level, and how can you maximize it? Some of you may dread returning to the grind, but it need not be a chore. Our mindset is critical and determines the lens through which we view the world. I am grieving the freedom of unstructured days, but I will use how I feel to empower myself to make the most of this week. Today, I can honor those feelings and use them to reverse-engineer a week that works for me. What helps you to make the best use of your energy? What can you draw upon to set up effective systems? I notice that when I have a base routine, I make the best use of my energy. What do you see?

The road to heck is paved with the best of intentions. Our energy fluctuates from moment to moment during the week. A new week helps us to set the reset button. What seeds will we plant, and how can we ensure a solid anchor to keep us focused on our goals? What obstacles will you face this week? My biggest ones are being overwhelmed and procrastinating. What works for me may not work for you, but I will share to help you think of a system for you. Each week, I focus on a primary goal to keep me balanced, such as being still for thirty minutes. Then, I like to schedule no more than three must-dos each day. One for me, one for my personal goals, and one for work. What helped me today was having high-energy and low-energy options. For example, writing this post was my intense option, and journalling was my easier option for today. Having planned options helps you to overcome challenges. It’s also essential to build in daily recharging activities.

Take inventory of your strengths and resources as you plan out this week. I remember that I can choose how I want to respond to situations. With my North Star to guide me, I can make choices that align with my values. If I am tempted to push through when I am tired, does it serve my goal to guard my health? What can help me? Perhaps I need to communicate my boundaries and provide alternatives. Maybe it is a matter of right-setting expectations. I have learned to accept help from my family and friends while I have been out. Returning to work is the same in that I can request support from my team. Work wasn’t always a burden. When you first started your current job, what made you excited to get started? I have always been passionate about our customers, so next week, I can have a curious mindset to remind me what lights me up and use that to fuel my success. What about you?

Use this day to tap into your own wisdom. What helps me is to reframe situations. If it is raining, I can be grateful not to have to water my plants or embrace my inner child and rainboots to splash through puddles. Where can you find enjoyment in your day-to-day activities? I found a YouTube channel that has nifty presentation tips. Maybe I can have fun sprucing up my next one. Gratitude for what you have can help you have an abundant mindset and make you more likely to take calculated risks. Take the opportunity to be present and not work on auto-pilot. Be sure to celebrate and pat yourself on the back each day. What helps you to find joy?

Finally, as you prepare for the week, how can you help yourself to be open to change? When I return to work, I’ll be learning new processes; therefore, it’s a good time for me to use change management to help me transition. What new things are you ready to learn? What will help you to feel more confident in your leadership? I prefer to stay in the shadows and play it safe. Will being timid help me? No, it will not so I will review my accomplishments and hold myself accountable to discomfort. Accept my limits and then work to strengthen and grow. Today, I noticed I was able to go farther, faster. I used to have a habit of daily reflection each evening. Get out of your head and mark your progress. It could be through journaling voice notes or even a video check-in with yourself. What gets measured gets done. Leader, lead thyself. Wishing you a fantastic week ahead. If this resonates, tell a friend. Namaste.