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Things To Think About Podcast Transcript


4 Tarot Cards from The Light Seer's Tarot by Chris-Anne.  Ace of Pentacles: hands holding a mandala seed with roots.  6 of Cups:  A young boy and a puppy with a path of cups leading to a grown dog and older man sitting on a hill.  5 of Pentacles: A sad person wearing a shawl sitting hunched over in front is a wooden door with a large key, 5 mandalas arranged in a pentagon, and a keyhole.  10 of Swords:  A woman on a sand dune with her back to us walking as 10 birds soar above

Intro: Pounding bass note and a stirring fanfare of horns. Welcome to another edition of Things to Think about. Here's Stacy. The horns continue with a keyboard note held.

Stacy Casson 0:00

Welcome to The Things to Think about Podcast. I'm Stacy Casson, The Clarity Concierge. I help leaders to tap into ancestral wisdom and intuition by asking powerful questions that lead to transformational insight and clarity. And I am so excited to introduce our next guest, Kara Smith. Welcome. Bienvenidos. Kara is hanging out in Mexico right now, so we're going to help her practice her Spanish. Kara is the newly appointed Community Director of FlowLab5, a nonprofit organization that supports neurodivergent creators, solo and social preneurs. She is a passionate and dedicated professional, committed to fostering a safe, thriving and engaged community. With a background in community building and a deep understanding of the power of connectivity. She is focused on creating an inclusive and supporting environment where members can nurture each other, collaborate, innovate, and grow. I have hung out with Kara and her energy is fire if you haven't connected with her, please do. And today our podcast is gonna get a little personal. So in her personal life, Kara seeks a romantic relationship with a man who shares her enthusiasm for making a positive impact on the world. She desires an attractive partner with a great sense of humor, who is supportive, empathetic, and who shares her vision for creating a more connected empathetic and sustainable global community. Kara values mutual respect, open communication, and a shared commitment to personal and collective growth. Her vision for a romantic relationship involves finding a partner who embraces diversity, fosters creativity, and shares her passion for collaboration. She seeks a relationship where both partners empower each other to realize their potential and contribute to a more equitable, sustainable and prosperous future for all. Who doesn't love that? Kara. Anything you'd like to say to our audience?

Kara Smith 2:18

Well, it's just great to be here. It was so much fun when Stacy asked me this question, because I haven't wanted that relationship for a really long time. I mean, we're talking five years or so. And now I'm like, That would be fun. I mean, living in Mexico, it's just so beautiful. And I'm in this great space where I'm living. And it was just be nice to have someone that I have a lot of things in common with and guess who's funny and beautiful, because I'm beautiful. So I might want that. Like for

Stacy Casson 2:50

that. Wait, wait, wait till you see the promo pictures. (laughing) She is beautiful. So how how this works audience is that we're going to be exploring a specific question. And the question for today is, how can I best position myself to manifest what I desire? We are going to customize it for Kara because she specifically wants this around that romantic relationship that we talked about. And we're going to create a story together. Looking at some tarot cards. Today we're using the Light Seers Tarot by Chris Anne. And we're gonna go ahead and get started with our story. So the first card is the Ace of Pentacles. And this shows a pair of hands. They look like they've been working in the dirt. And they're holding a circle, kind of like a mandala with some roots to it. And Kara, when you take a look at this, how are we starting our story? Like this is usually the current situation. I'm excited about it, and I'll share my thoughts. But I want you to see what comes up for you when you first look at this. Sure. I

Kara Smith 4:02

love this image. I was like, you know, I think one of the things that has made me so happy and connected to people is I've been through a lot. Like I've been down in the dirt with the people talking and dealing and just over the last, I'd say probably the last 14 years really. It's just been an incredible ride. And I almost I kind of feel like I'm giving myself and humanity a gift. So I like that image right right there for sure. For sure. I like that. Yeah, and the roots of it are like go back there like ancient, you know the roots of who I am. I practice Nichiren Buddhism and my symbol in Buddhism is the lotus flower and the lotus root roots of the lotus flower go down through the dirt. So I'm looking at these dirty hands and how the what it's coming through, they go down through the maybe 20 feet down into the soil of this really muddy water to produce this beautiful flower. And so I can definitely relate to that. I mean, the name of my business is Lotus Lion Learning. So there you go.

Stacy Casson 5:29

I see we're very aligned. Because I immediately when I saw the roots, and the dirt, I was thinking about what we talked about with your practice and how the lotus blossom grows in the mud. So let's start our story. I think we'll have a once upon a time, there was an old soul that wanted to plant a new thing into this world. How do you think what do you think about that?

Kara Smith 5:55

I love that. Yeah, old soul. I can get that about myself. Because I'm clairvoyant. And definitely, because, yeah, it's how it occurs to me, for sure.

Stacy Casson 6:05

Awesome. So next, we're gonna go into the challenge. So our old soul wants to bring this new thing into the world. And the next card is the Six of Cups. And this card features a little baby with a puppy, like a little boy with a puppy, and kind of a path of cups leading to an older gentleman with a grown dog, and what comes up for you? I mean, for me, I do want to just jump in right away. I think it's the challenge of starting this relationship, and having it grow from the beginning to something long, and that withstands time. And you all have this beautiful relationship, what comes to mind for you, when you take a look? So our old soul what it what is the challenge that our old soul is facing?

Kara Smith 6:58

This is really funny. I don't know, if you, I don't know the name of the movie. But it's a movie from like the 1960s maybe, where this young woman is dating and, and her mother has been married to her dad for many, many years. And she tells gives her a book, which is a guidebook on how to win a man and keep him. And it's called How to Raise Your Puppy. I think it's (both dissolve into laughter) [The original 1962 movie is "If a Man Answers"]

Kara Smith 7:35

perfect that I think that stuck with me because dogs only understand they really only understand positive reinforcement. And you know, it's about the nurturing, and we want to be when a dog is little, you just have to take care of this little being you know, and they don't do anything, right. (more laughter) Do everything. And they're everywhere. Right? Yep, they do. I mean, the little dogs, they don't know anything, they don't know any better. And they try everything. And then you kind of have to do positive reinforcement. You have to that's how you direct them. And it has to be consistent. And you know, and then they fall in love with you. Because that's you know, you're that strong, going toward that route going that way and loving and caring, and then you end up having a life partner. And I definitely can relate to that.

Kara Smith 8:28

Definitely, this

Kara Smith 8:29

is just really fun. I love

Stacy Casson 8:31

it. So what I'm hearing so far on our journey, we have this old soul and then planting a seed because we're also thinking about how can we put ourselves in the best place to manifest. And I think the in the beginning, sometimes we're in the muck, like you said, and it's hard to even think that you can have this vision. So I think at the beginning, we need to have a seed to plant. And you need to have the end in mind of what you'd like this to look like. And it's not just a matter of oh, I'm going to imagine it. You said yourself, you have to nurture it, give it care, try new things kind of have a testing mindset as this journey goes and keep that vision alive through positive reinforcement. So our old soul is now trying to make this happen by actively working on a vision, you know, Faith without works or you need action on your intent to make this happen. So what's some advice for old soul? And the next card is the Five of Pentacles and we see a person it looks like a woman just based on the hair and the dress but we never know nowadays, and they kind of look downcast and they are in front of a door that has five wooden mandalas on it. In a pentagon. There's a giant key and and a giant keyhole and what comes up to mind for you, when you take a look at this?

Kara Smith 10:05

Yeah, so I just I was looking at the person and I felt that kind of felt like despair that this person is going through. And I know that I have, there have been times when I was really, really low, really. And I to the point I couldn't, it was very hard for me to do my practice. And then there's like the light, I love the light that's on the light that's on the door that's on the mandala and that's shining down on the key bit that's in the background that's like kind of an it lights radiating toward this person, like they're in the light. But they have to look up to be aware that it's there. And then there's the key, like there's all these the solutions and this kind of magic pathway that's there. So I definitely can relate to that. Like that's been, I feel that now. I like the the key is in a lock, right? Like, it's right there. That's where I'm at now, but I can certainly relate to I mean, that's how it's been with my practice is that I would feel really, really down. But the light was surrounding me, it was right there, it was hitting me. And it wasn't until I moved into it, and then took actions, which would be to grab the key or to touch them in outlets or do something so that the door becomes accessible. That makes sense, right.

Stacy Casson 11:31

And in fairy tales. Normally, our character is on a journey, right? They have a quest, they're trying to usually gather some magical item or in the case, manifest this thing. And there's always a dragon or an obstacle in the way and it's easy to want to give up. Especially you hear other people talking about "oh I'm a master manifester." And you're like, Why can't this be me?, I'm not doing it right, or I don't know how to do this, or this is never going to work out. And as we talked about previously, the seeds of our destruction also have the seeds of our redemption. And like, like you said, the key is there. It's in the same room with this with this person. So our old soul just has to delve into what is their North Star, what is guiding them and walking into that, that that light, grab the key. It's not, it's not going to happen. I don't want to use the word not. But we have a part to play in making this happen. Sometimes, there's that parable of the person that's drowning on the roof, and they pray to their God and a boat comes by and they're like, Hey, here's a boat Come jump in. No, my God is going to save me. Then they send a helicopter come on now let me take you to safety. And no, oh, my God is gonna save me. And then they drown. And they go to their gone. Like, why didn't you save me like I sent you a boat, I sent you a helicopter, I think there was another thing, but you didn't take advantage of it. And so I think when we're talking about manifesting the things we desire, it's paying attention to those opportunities that are placed in front of us. Because if we don't grab it, it's not going to happen.

Kara Smith 13:27

Well, awesome. And this is so perfect because of Buddhism, we don't believe that there's an entity outside of ourselves, that gives us the power to do what we need to do. [Stacy: Right] I believe that it is ourselves. And we are our own enemy. You know, there's in my Buddhist practice, there are states of being. Buddhahood would be at the top and then at the very bottom would be like despair, to the point where people would like commit suicide, like deepest despair. And then in between, there's all these other experiences. So it would be at the lower five levels would be doubt, fear, anxiety, hatred, any of those things are in the lower part. And then experiences like happiness and joy and appreciation, gratitude. Which all those things that enable us to take action. That is the higher levels. So when we do our practice, when we chant it gets us to the higher point. That's why I'm loving this picture because for me, chanting Nam-myoho-renge-kyo gives me access to the light. Like it's everywhere. And the those those times where I was having a hard time doing my practice or when I felt, you know, I've been very blessed that I don't, I haven't been through all of these things that have happened to me over the last few years. I have never felt that I couldn't. I have always, there may be doubt that creeps in. But I still do it. And I always take the action. I am one to. I manifest things because I get a thought, I do the prayer, and I take the action. So I can move very quickly through things. It's the first time in a very long time that I've wanted to have a relationship. And it's interesting. I'm just now breaking away from someone who was the antithesis of what I want. For two days. He was what I wanted. (laughter) Right, but yeah, not and not. And not certainly. And it's, you know, the I love this, because, and also, it's very powerful to know that I am the thing that is in the way. I'm the thing. It's very powerful. It is me. So if it's me, then how do I access that higher level of self? That is Spirit, and that could be called God? Absolutely. How do I access that? Well, in my faith, we chant, and we access that. And then we take the thing is to do you don't just pray take the action you say, you say you say the word you take the action. And it's always about faith, hope, study, action. That's what we do. So yeah, that's great. I love this.

Stacy Casson 16:24

I love this. So our old soul has been locked away in the dungeon and they need to escape. But the good news is their obstacle is themselves. And I think I'd like this story to have a happy ending. So we come to the 10 of Swords. And 10 is usually the end of a cycle. And swords generally have something to do with mindset. But you take a look at it and tell me what comes up to you comes up for you as what is the possible outcome of somebody trying to manifest what they desire.

Kara Smith 16:58

I love it. It's about soaring, it's about flight. It's about community. Like there's more, there's a group of they look like they're, I don't know what those birds are. But I do know, if they're geese, they could be with geese, there's the way that they fly in formation, right? There's that one the head bird that's like diruh that is directing them and going through creating that that headwind that they all in. And then it's the most amazing thing to watch them rotate from the back to the front and shift formation so that they never get tired, and they don't have to stop. Like it's an ongoing thing. And everyone takes the leadership. It's so this is so perfect for where I'm at in my life right now what I'm up to. And, and I love that the woman is by herself because standing as a leader, when there's not someone that like, I know that there are women that I admire, but there are so many people that I had, I've had to distance myself from. Because if I don't, I cannot be the leader, I cannot be the one that leaders rely on to be the person that can guide them when they're up against it if I've got something pulling me down. So I'm very, very, very choosy about who I allow in my life. And yep just just all of that. So there's, there's definitely, in that road to greatness. There's solitude, for sure. I mean, it's important. And it is. And it's interesting, because I don't get lonely anymore. I'm just not lonely. I love being by myself. I love my own company. I love my own company. And I like that there's a sense of like, tranquility with the this person. And then it's interesting too, because my colleague Emily, she always says that I'm she's always flipped out when because here in Mexico, wherever I am, animals come. Like they just will come and they flock in front of my my window in my yard. And she's like, you just what is that? I was like I don't know, it's just what happens. So it's definitely I can relate to that photograph. That way. I love it.

Stacy Casson 19:21

I liked that. You said you were comfortable alone. Because just for the specific question that you're talking about. We're not talking about someone to complete you. This person, she's opened the door they they she found the key and was confident and courageous enough to unlock it because we don't know what's on the other side of the door. In our story, the other side of the door is that freedom and moving forward in strength and in courage with what you want. And there was an Instagram post where the person that it was a lady and she was saying "I need somebody that will make me willing to break up with myself because I'm pretty dope. So why would I want to stop dating me and get into a relationship with you?" And I get those kinds of vibes just for your specific question but that we are, we're always the person responsible for ourself. And the idea of love. It can't be that when I get this other person, then I'll be happy. I'm already happy. And I want to expand that abundance. The other fairy tale that comes to mind for me is I think it's called the this this, the Swan Princes? [The Wild Swans or The Six Swans]. And this is a story where a girl her brothers were cursed by an evil Enchantress. And she had to not speak for years until she finished this task, which was grabbing nettles which are very, they hurt, they hurt to, to harvest them, and she had to weave jackets for all of her brothers. And at the end, she freed her brothers through this labor, one of them she didn't get to finish. So he always had a wing. But you know, we don't have necessarily happy endings. But the her brothers, when they came, they would, they would carry her in a net. And so when I see these birds moving above the lady, it's like, Yes, she is walking through this alone, but we also have a community. And when you're in, when you get this relationship, because I have no doubt that this will happen. You all are building a community together. And it's the interactions with the people around you all as well. And that can either help you soar or plummet. I, I like to watch K-dramas, and there was one where the people just kept listening to other people's ideas about their relationship. And it really messed them up. It dragged them down instead of allowing them to soar. Any any thoughts on this one? Any other thoughts? Because you already shared your thoughts on this one.

Stacy Casson 19:22

I was just saying there's some knocking, so I'm on mute sometimes. Yes, I love that. Because it is it's a what I'm clear about every time in my life when I've tried to twist myself around or manipulate myself to fit into the round hole of expectations and what life is for suppo or supposed to be for relationship and for women, every single time that I've done that, I've been incredibly unhappy. I am a square peg and I'm in the round hole. And it fits I can go in but there's a lot of gaps and life for me it's not fulfilled unless the gaps are like, um, it's a good fit. Um, so that for me is kind of how I see this is like, at this point, I don't need a guy, I have my own money, I have my own happiness I have my own life. I you know, I am a an incredible cake. I'm an incredible cupcake like, perfect, perfect! And I want somebody to like I've even got my own icing, but it would be nice to have somebody else who actually knew how to put the icing on and even added some sprinkles or sparkles or candles or something like but I'm complete, like really good right now. So yeah, I'm excited to see what shows up.

Stacy Casson 22:22

I love it. I love it so much. So to tell our story from beginning to end, once upon a time, there was an old soul that wanted to bring something new into the world. They had a vision from the start to the finish. And even though things got them down, they had to figure out again, that vision because on the door is is the is the this something very similar to the original seed. So they had to come back to that vision to give themselves the strength to come come out and and and open the door to what they want. And in the end. They saw it. They found that person and they didn't have to do it by themselves. They were fine with being by themselves. But at the end they were able to achieve their goal and to not complete themselves but to complement themselves and bring everything together. Any last words about our story and our happy ending?

Kara Smith 25:06

it looking at this picture, she's on like, a precipice of something like there's, there's she's on a journey. Like it's not over. Yeah, it is like the start of something and ongoing continuation of something. And it's bright. Like there's a bright future here. And that's where I really feel like I have been on an incredible journey for my entire life.

Kara Smith 25:34

That brings me here. So, yeah,

Stacy Casson 25:38

yeah, the journey it's not the destination because okay, you get your man and then what? Right it's, [ha ha ha] we we have to continue growing together like like, like the second picture with a man and his dog is loyal companion. So it is, it is not the end to achieve what you manifest, but to continue on that journey and that cycle together. So thank you so much, Kara. So my audience if there is a man that can convince that thinks they can convince Kara, that she doesn't need to date herself, and they can come and and and change your mind or open your mind to another possibility. How can people get a hold of you?

Kara Smith 26:26

Um, well, they can send me an email or they could come to LinkedIn, my LinkedIn profile, send me a message. Okay. But yeah, and we can put those I guess, in the

Stacy Casson 26:39

show notes. I'll put it in the show notes. We don't need to broadcast that to the whole world

Unknown Speaker 26:44

to the Yeah, let's do that. For sure. Yeah.

Stacy Casson 26:47

And you can find me, The Clarity Concierge. If you would like to undergo a journey with me, similar to what we did with Kara and find some insights and intuition as to your next step. Please. I'm also on LinkedIn. And you can also send me an email and I'll put everything in the show notes as well. Kara, thank you so much for your time. And I look forward to hearing the good news and vetting him right. Yeah, let the squad take a look.

Kara Smith 27:17

I am so excited. Thank you so very much Stacy. I'm so glad that I am getting the opportunity to participate in your gift and see where we go see where we go. This is fun. I love it. Alright

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