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Successful Sunday, May 23rd, 2021

A light concrete building with the word CHAOS in red. Inset is a white door framed with faded wood.  The door has twelve glass panes and there is a piece of paper in the middle of the 2nd row. There is a grey herringbone walkway sloping down the building.

I went to the beach this morning to meditate with my friends.  We were surprised by a tremendous amount of wind but thankfully it did not blow up the sand.  While in fellowship with the sun, sand and waves, I noticed some terns soaring above me.  They conserved energy by going where the wind took them.  I wondered how much extra travel it would take them to go where they wanted and then wondered if birds had agendas.  How many times do we fight the currents because we want to get to a specific spot at a specific time.  The birds conserved their energy and were able to soar with very little effort.  They appear to trust that they are where they are supposed to be and will get where they need to if they follow the flow.

I knew how to get to the beach, but I still turned on the GPS.  Perhaps it was for it to keep me company and grounded.  How different from the birds that soared willy nilly at the whim of the air currents.  It is good to be grounded and have security, but we will never reach new heights from the ground.  I am learning to enjoy the detours and gentle redirections.  I took a nap and did some painting before I started today's blog because it felt right.  I would love to think you all are breathlessly awaiting my Sunday post, but I know you are probably doing what is important to you.

Ever have a day where everything seems to go your way?  No red lights or waiting; you just flow?  What would happen if you surrendered to the now.  The now will not be forever even if it seems that way.  I was overwhelmed this morning and I could not tell you why.  In the moment, it seemed like the only thing and all encompassing.  I allowed myself to be overwhelmed acknowleding it and it passed.  I trusted my instinct and for most of today, the timing has been perfect.  The beach reminds me that the tide rolls in and out and even if you are walking on dry land, you can get wet by an unexpected surge of water.  The first splash was bracing, but as we continued to walk it felt refreshing.  Even my friend who did not want to get in the water eventually allowed the water to have its way.

I am not anti-planning.  A plan or having intention is helpful.  I notice that when I allow room to go off plan and trust my instincts, I always end up where I need to be and am much less stressed if I go with the flow.  Will you struggle against the current to meet a self-constructed deadline or allow yourself to soar?  Not everything can be found in a book or experienced in a concrete and tangible way.  A bit of mystery makes life more interesting and allows the magic to inspire wonder.  Someone posted that a wall is not always an obstacle, but can be a place to rest.  Namaste.

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