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Successful Sunday, March 7th 2021

Getting started

A notebook on a grey wood table.  There is an open pen with a pink cap.  In pink script the words START TODAY.

"I should get up". My husband responded, "Why"? I told him that my art was not going to paint itself and my blog was not going to write itself. Yet, what he said was also true. So many of my deadlines are artificial ones created by myself. I sat on the couch a little longer until I was not. One of my favorite tools at work is Start, Stop, Continue. I think I tend to focus on start and continue and neglect the stop. Getting started on today's blog was difficult because there are so many shiny distractions.

What should I stop doing? Soul crushing activities, beating myself up, coddling people, being a doormat, and measuring myself against others comes to mind. I should stop having unrealistic expectations and making to-do lists without an accompanying when am I going to do it list. I should stop my Pavlovian response to the dryer buzzer, but I hate wrinkled clothes. Be right back. One phone call, one transfer, and a surprise cookie later I realize that it boils down to stop putting myself last. Hmm, what is my son watching on YouTube? Stay focused, Stacy. Actually not being able to focus in probably a sign to review your current life. I am going to be whipping up a cocktail for success during a virtual happy hour for International Womxn's day. Put the big things first in your glass.

Another thing to stop, is not recognizing what is going well. I need to continue to celebrate my success. Participation awards probably will not give me a competitive advantage, but they are good for my soul. I have much to celebrate this week. I have taken bold steps, created art, made a mean cup of coffee, launched new initiatives, been a good mother, discovered my flair for the dramatic, been a good friend, and so much more. What have you accomplished this week? Big or small it's worth celebrating because it helps to build resiliency.

What I actually need to start doing is saying no. Embrace my inner Jane Fonda and understand that "No" is a complete sentence. Most times a yes to something is a no to oneself. Boundaries allow you to say yes to the things that make your soul sing. So many interruptions today. Start reframing the story you tell yourself. I am allowing myself to be distracted. I am choosing to give myself as much time as I need to write this blog. Start saying yes to yourself. Start embracing your worth. Start being enough. If there are other things you would like to start, please join my Start-Up Your Life Playshop. Namaste.

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