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Successful Sunday, February 28th, 2021

Get some names ready

Tan pregnant woman wearing a rose mountain pattern dress holding onto her stomach taken from the chest to the upper thighs.  There are white curtains to her right and a navy chair behind her.

I am pregnant. Not with a baby; I am pregnant with possibility. If you follow my blog, you know that dreams play a huge role in my life. In my dream last night, I was pregnant. I did not know about it until I went in for an exam. The baby needed to come out immediately. While they were prepping me for surgery in my dream, I fretted if I would survive and furiously looked up car seats and diapers on my phone. Babies take planning, and so do your goals if you want to make them a reality. Dreams are why I developed a playshop to help others start-up their hopes and turn them into reality.

Are you ready for success? I was unaware of what I was carrying. What potential are you unaware that you are carrying? Yesterday, I took a bold step and posted about my upcoming playshop. My subconscious processed it and gave me some tips. I am fortunate to have a support team to help me extract this opportunity with surgical precision. I tend to go it alone instead of asking for help. You do not have to go it alone. I had a physician and my partner to support me. I was also very self-reliant since I assessed that I needed a car seat and diapers and took steps to procure them.

I had to think beyond the birth and figure out how to get the baby home. When I launch my playshop, I also have to consider driving it home and nurturing the participants. I was going to nurse the baby, which was encouraging since I struggled in real life with nursing. The reason for my struggle was that I did too much and did not rest. The dream warned me that I would need to take time to be able to nurse, just as I will need to rest in real life to nurture my goals. When is the last time you relaxed and renewed?

Growth means change. Babies operate from need and instinct. Parents have to accommodate and be flexible to ensure both survive. What will happen to you when you succeed? What changes when you accomplish your dreams? How will you nurture the project and yourself? Stephen Covey wrote that you should "begin with the end in mind." Ideally, before you birth your next big idea, you have prepared for the outcome. Get your nursery ready to bring home what you birth. Namaste

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