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Successful Sunday, June 6th 2021

True Confessions

4 Tarot Cards courtesy of The Affirmators! Tarot ©2019 Suzi Barrett  Five of Pentacles - An upside down card with Koala holding and empty pocket uner a tree where the fruits are pentacles.  The Wheel of Fortune - A wooden spoked wheel with a bird and snake chasing each other around at mirror opposites.  Seven of Wands - An upside down card depicting an alligaor battle seven wands.  The Moon - A full moon winking against a galaxy.

I haven't been completely honest with you dear reader.  I have a secret.  It has taken me this long to write this blog because I don't think I want to share it.  Hard truths are never easy to act upon but I will.  I was inspired by listening to a podcast EdUp Explained which featured a tarot card reader.  I received a set from a family member which was a gift from their mother.  Being raised in a religious household, I struggled with this until I realized that they are intuitive tools.  Similar to Rorschach tests, they are useful for sparking reflection.  I have always felt that people would not understand, but I am realizing, those may not be my people.  I'll give you a peek behind the curtain of how i come up with my blog posts.  They are usually expansions of a four card reading.  I did one for a friend this morning and it struck me that they did not need me.  I sent this same picture and asked them what they saw.  It was nothing different than what I would have shared.  One realization that I had is that the conversation and reflection are more important than the actual cards.  They provide constraints on which to distill your thoughts.  What is the story you tell yourself?  I will not tell their story; it is not mine to tell.  

Once upon a time a cuddly Koala bear enjoyed being up in its tree enjoying the fruits.  It decided to come down and immediately cut itself in the new unfamiliar surroundings.  It is not easy to leave what is comfortable.  The bear enjoyed hiding in the branches just as I hid this aspect of my process.  Just as the bear is dabbing at its injuries, I will be able to heal myself of any cuts or jabs of criticism.  The actual interpretation of this card is usually a scarcity mindset.  I was limiting myself by being concerned about what other people will think of me and am deciding to get out of my tree.  Just like the bear I have climbed down and am exposed.

Our intrepid bear has many ups and downs during its travels.  Life is an endless cycle and everything is connected.  I honed in on the snake and bird cycle.  A snake has to shed its skin to grow.  It is in peril and vulnerable to attack during this stage.  If we refuse to act out of fear, we are unable to grow.  I have known for a long time that my fear was limiting me becasue it made me doubt my abilities.  We have to know what stage we are on the journey and who we are becoming.  From an early age, I was the person everyone would tell their secrets.  People have always sought out my insight.  I always asked questions and as I lived and seen things, I have upgraded my questions.  I prefer to see the cycle as an upward spiral where everything is connected.  It may be difficult to grow, but the difficulty will not last forever.  The challenge is to not believe my story that it will and that I am doomed.

During its travels, the bear encountered many obstacles and potential enemies.  The bear realized that it needed to conserve its energy, but also had to be ready to stand its ground when necessary.  It may seem that life it throwing everying at you, but the kitchen sink.  You have to know what is actually a threat.  A question to ask is why do I care what other people think?  Why do I question my effectiveness when I get results from my method?  It is not illegal.  P.L.A.Y. may be a little out there, but it works.  One of my favorite tools is a analagous brainstorming.  This is where you try and find solutions for a similar situation, but not your actual situation.  Like what would you tell a friend or what if your problem was like a car race pit stop crew?  The cards help me to think about things in a creative way with new perspective.  What if my life were like this koala bear on its journey?

Finally the bear realized that the world was much bigger than its tree and an entire universe was out there.  When I stop putting my energy into being afraid, I am able to achieve incredible things.  Many of the cards had floral motifs.  Our bear is deeply rooted and able to blossom along the way.  Currently, I am wearing a flower crown.  It reminds me that I too can bloom and bear fruit.  I have to leave the comfort of my tree and shed the limitations of how I define myself to overcome the obstacles along my way.  What will it cost me to stay in the tree?  Perhaps a universe.  The moon generally signifies the hidden things and deep emotions.  Rarely do I pause long enough to reflect on what I am writing about.  Generally the lessons hit me later.  What don't you know that you don't know?  Want to learn more?  Hit me up.  Namaste.

The author.  A smiling very tan woman with short curly hair.  She is wearing a crown of flowers - Baby's breath on either side with purple, yellow and fuschia flowers in the center.  She is wearing a white tank shirt with embroided white flowers.  She is surrounded by shurbs and greenry in the background.

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