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Successful Sunday, June 13th, 2021

The choice is mine...

skyscrapers in the backgroud, two intersection One Ways signs.  One points left and the other is perpendicular.

I guess I am a little slow.  My friends tell me to rest, the signs tell me to rest, everything is telling me to rest.  Rest is not just sleep.  According to the Oxford Dictionary, rest means to "cease work or movement in order to relax, refresh oneself, or recover strength."  

Today, I rested.  I connected with myself and took a moment to process and decide only the next move.  I walked past everything there was to do and prioritized making a cup of tea.  My world has been turned upside down and I am looking for stability especially around finances and have worked at a ridiculous pace because I do not think I have time to rest.  What I am really saying is that I am willing to bankrupt my energy until the bill comes due and burnout ensues.  That is not a sustainable plan, so today, I am resting.  My tea was delicious.

The challenge has been to juggle it all.  I've taken a page from Nora Roberts and allowed some of the balls that can bounce to drop.  I have given myself the grace and permission to not act as if everything is normal.  The disharmony causes me to stress and then I do not want to do anything which causes a viscious cycle as far as stability.  All my work to be stable is destabilizing me because I will not rest.  

Realtionships are key.  I keep trying to do everything alone which is silly.  All the things I want to accomplish impact my immediate family and I am proud to say, today, I .....delegated.  Yup!  I let go and focused on writing this blog.  Taking a pause is powerful and helps to clarify what I actually need to do in the moment.  I am fully confident that because of the pause, my next move will be simple.

Rest allows me to reason and cut to the heart of the matter.  I can tune out the noise and focus on what one thing can make the biggest impact.  Making time to rest will save time down the road.  Like the old saying, measure twice and cut once.  What is it costing you to not rest?  Need some help cutting to the chase?  Feel free to reach out.


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