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Successful Sunday, June 20th, 2021

Sculpture of two white hands on a grey background making a pinky promise

It's the little things that take your breath away.  I was very focused and making progress packing things away.  All the little painted tanks and fearsome creatures were being housed in little sterile homes.  I was not expecting to find them dangling on the end of a tank.  I had managed to be dispassionate while admiring his handiwork.  Then I found them, three gold rings.  I have not worn my wedding rings for many years because they irritated my skin.  We did not need symbols; our love was evident.  Anyone could look at us and know.  With shaking hands, I slipped them back on and could no longer see the tiny little figures on his desk.

It's the little things that derail your grand laid plans.  I was done with packing for today.  I am normally all over the place trying to do a million things at once because I have so many ideas and things I want to get accomplished.  Yesterday, I started my day in meditation.  The topic was getting out of your thoughts.  I was trying to pay attention to the hum of the fan and before I knew it, my mind was off on an adventure, or thinking up our next big thing.  I lingered after the guided meditation was officially over to try and master focus for a little longer.  I spent most of the morning doing one thing at a time.  it was agony, but it was also fulfilling.

It's the little things that change your trajectory.  "Want to go look at some cars?"  Sure, mom; and off we went.  The internet does not tell you that you will feel underwhelmed by the next big thing or that it is sometimes easier to be decisive in person.  I honed in all my restless, scattered energy, into one goal.  Delays, delays, delays - frustrating but sometimes they provide opportunity.  There are so many options or choices.  What will be the right one?  I thought the delay was a derailment, but it turns out that it was a gentle redirection.  Oysters produce pearls because something irritates their lining.  I create art to process all the things that irritate my lining.

It's the little things you agonize over.  Should I play it safe or go bold?  I have always lived my life avoiding risk and yet harm found me nevertheless.  Most things last for a season.  I am someone who explores through play.   From crayons, to acrylics, to oils, to markers, to Playdoh, I create.  I find that there is always no medium and that anything can be used to create art or to play if you are willing to see beyond the limitations.  Wishing and hoping will not get me where I need to go.  I need to act.  The seeds are planted, will I be bold enough to follow the sun?  It's the little things that make the difference.  What little things will change your life?  Namaste

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