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Successful Sunday, June 27th, 2021

A cat with a white furt, black ears, black face and light blue eyes waering a silver and white polka dot collar and a bell sitting in white sheets perhaps between their human's legs

It was too dark to get a good picture of my cat, so this recreation will have to suffice.  I had many plans this morning.  I had my alarm set, and was going to get up, make crumpets, make coffee, write my blog and conquer the world.  Instead, I turned on a meditation, recognized my breathing had turned into snoring, and impotently willed myself to get out of bed.  The cat meow and I "pretended" to sleep.  Unsatisfied, she jingle jangled her way down and jumped on the bed, walking up my legs and painfully kneading me through the blankets transforming into a cat loaf.  Twenty minutes later, she sprang from my bed and I sprang into action.  The crumpets were crooked, the coffee was poured too soon, and I am now working on my blog.

Rest has always been a challenge for me because my mind is always dreaming up new ideas.  I'm a doer and that can be a challenge when human since we need to be a being and just be.  I would normally look at today as a wasted opportunity, but as we learned in previous musings, I need to rest.  Rest is a way to renew and gain clarity.  Funny enough, today's meditation was about gaining clarity.  We were to notice when we had started day dreaming or starting a mental to do list.  All this energy and nowhere to go.

Perhaps we need to take a pause and think strategically?  If I tried to do everything that I think of, I would burn out.  Let's be real, I have tried to do almost everything that I have thought of and I am burned out.  I have always said that everything is an energy game.  I have maxed out my energy credit cards and the repayments are very expensive.  I need to gain focus in order to use my resources more effectively.  One thing at a time.  When I try to do everything, nothing gets done.

Okay me.  You win.  I will pause.  I will listen.  I will do the work and feel the feels and do the things.  Continuing to do what I do an expecting different results is insanity.  Namaste.

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