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Successful Sunday, January 21st, 2024

5 Tarot Cards from The Good Tarot illustrated by Jena DellaGrottaglia.  3 fairy women on the top, a cello tree on the bottom next to a woman danging from the moon

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Last week, I reigned in the rabbit holes and had a very productive week. There were also treats, and I am giving myself bonus points for making new friends. I also masked less, a consistent theme in my morning pages. How was your week?

This week, I am using my second least favorite deck, The Good Tarot, written by Colette Baron-Reid and illustrated by Jena DellaGrottaglia. The illustrations are airy and truly lovely. I use tarot cards and Pokémon because the pictures sneak past my mental guards and allow me to find creative solutions.

The first card, Messenger of Fire, shows a pale red-haired maiden wearing a crown of candles and a dress with a red pinafore and white sleeves. Her arms are crossed, and she looks at something outside our vision field. Warm, glowing balls of light surround her. She appears to be contemplating how to spend her energy. I noticed the candles are arranged with three on each side and two in the middle, separated by a gap. The candles are not equal in size. This reminds me that not all tasks require or deserve the same effort. Her body language reminds me to protect my well-being. What are your intentions for the coming week? How will you allocate your resources? Hmm, maybe this deck isn’t as challenging as I thought 😊

How will you measure your success? The road to heck is paved with good intentions. What are the tangibles you need to deliver to yourself? The next card, 4 of Air, shows a pale-winged brunette wearing a white dress sitting on a cloud; she is holding three white peacock feathers that look like a crescent scepter and a fourth feather in the other hand. The space is tranquil and restful. Setting goals gives us something to hold onto in a nebulous space. I like that she holds one feather close to her heart, and the other three are by her temple. To quote “The One Thing” by Gary Keller, “Until my ONE Thing is done – everything else is a distraction.” My one thing this week is to get a good night’s sleep. I have not been getting sufficient rest, and it shows. What is the one thing to guide you this week?

5 of Fire shows a pale fairy with red bougainvillea hair and a cream-colored wispy gown. She has short moth wings and a translucent fillagree mask. There are glowing pansy flowers above her and white moths flying around. A giant daisy grows in front of her. Her expression looks irritated to me. She’s all dressed up for a party and sitting like a lump. This warns me of the reality of burnout. My plate is incredibly full next week, so getting enough rest will be challenging. Will we be drawn like a moth to the flame or remain grounded? The moths in the picture are flying in different directions. What can help us to balance opposing agendas? Delayed gratification? The fire cards surround the air card. My thoughts are the anchor for where I focus my energy. What can you realistically accomplish next week?

The 8 of Earth shows a giant cello rooted in the earth. The neck of the cello is a tree branching off with eight filigreed spheres, “fruits.” There is a little elf standing in the nook made by the curve of the instrument. This card typically means diligence at a repetitive task in the traditional tarot. Being disciplined and focused will increase the chances of a productive yield. Last week my boss told us that we must be careful not to miss the forest for the trees. It is easy to let the perfect get in the way of good enough. I have struggled with resting this week because I keep tinkering at things when I am exhausted. Trees can only grow according to the resources they can tap into. Where are opportunities to incorporate regular rest into my day? It could be as simple as taking a deep breath and tapping into my body. What are other ways you can improve your mind-body connection to make the most of your energy?

What is the way forward this week? Our final card is the Moon, which shows an ivory moon with an embossed crescent showing a face in profile and a maiden in a flowing blow dress decorated with stars sitting in the crook. She is looking down and sprinkling stars on the earth below. For me, this is like keeping that thirty-thousand-foot view in mind and releasing expectations. I can trust my intuition if I am tuned into the mind-body connection. What is listening to intuition, and what is listening to distraction? Those random thoughts from out of the blue can be gentle redirections or avoidance. Where does truth dwell in your body, and how does it show up? Is it a sense of peace? Or perhaps your messenger is discomfort? Your inner self is watching and waiting. How will you choose? You must intentionally direct and guide the stars where to fall. Namaste

Hope to see you all this coming Friday at my Scream and Shout event.