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Successful Sunday, January 14th, 2024

Seven cards from the Cat Tarot illustrated by Megan Lynn Kott.  They are described in the story.

Hello, Subscribers. My weekly writings will help you prepare for the week and set yourself up for success. I glean insights from various intuitive tools and can help you do the same. Let’s get set up for success. Start your adventure.

Last week, I did survive the formal return to the office. I have maintained my morning pages practice and am excited about the future. I gave myself some homework and have been consistent about it. How was your week?

This week, I am using my least favorite deck, Cat Tarot, written by Julia Smillie and illustrated by Megan Lynn Kott. It’s a fun deck with lovely illustrations, but I have been struggling to make connections, so I decided on a trial by fire this week.

The first card shows a tiger-striped cat who has batted a treat ball, releasing the treats. How does this relate to your mindset as you start the week? The cat looks dispassionate about the treats and a little bored. It suggests that I remain detached from outcomes and incorporate play into my week. It also reminds me to reward myself after I do a task. It can be as simple as a “Yay Me!” or walking after more challenging assignments.

What intentions do you want to set? The following two were stuck together: Strength, which shows a cat yelling after conquering a mouse toy, and The Chariot, which shows a cat lounging in a chair. There is a top underneath the chair. Even though I may want to scream, perhaps I should reflect on my next move and think strategically. I may need to defeat the lure of entertainment to make progress on my goals. I need to tap into my strength to ensure that I am not wasting time spinning my wheels.

The challenge for me is that there are so many distractions. The next card shows a kitten looking at two dangling feathers. Behind them is the ocean, and they are on a wooden walkway beside some grass. The news, deadlines, surprise meetings, K-Dramas, or squirrels can pull us in many directions. What is your plan to stay on track? For me, it means moving beyond the binary of this or that. The kitten can choose between the two dangling toys, turn away, stay still, or figure out how to get outside and explore the vast ocean. Sometimes, not choosing to engage is also a choice.

The next card shows a cat leaping while some leaves are falling on the ground. What can help us with the endless distractions? I can’t tell if this cat is about to pounce on the leaves or has been startled by them falling. This reminds me that I am not my feelings. Our feelings are a construct of our stories about a situation. Cats are very sensitive to their environment and change their minds faster than Usain Bolt. Just as we choose how to interpret our feelings, we can choose where to spend our energy.

The next card depicts a cat sniffing at four treats. It’s as if the cat in the first picture got curious about the snacks. Perhaps we shouldn’t dismiss them outright. Take a closer look at your situation. If you are facing a complex project, taking another look may help you to identify something you missed. Turn that Arrgh!! to an Ahhh! After something scares me, I laugh at myself and interrogate my reaction. Are your feelings facts? Or are they a guidepost provoking us to think again?

The final card is the dreaded vacuum cleaner. There is a cat leaping out of the way and a strange green sun in the background. It’s funny since last week’s post began with the Death card, and this week ends with it. Transformation is not a one-and-done endeavor. Making a clean start can be overwhelming and disruptive, but the dust bunnies are gone when it's over, and you have a better environment. I released many things that no longer served me last week, and it appears that I must continue this journey. What lessons carried over this week for you? What are you resisting that is persisting?

I’m pleased with what I uncovered by exiting my comfort zone and leaning into discomfort. The change cycle is not linear and can be messy and an emotional roller coaster. Like I said, a comfort zone is a desert; very little grows there. Namaste