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Successful Sunday, January 28th, 2024

5 cards from the Waite-Smith Tarot.  The art is by Pamela Colman Smith.  The cards make a cross.  The top is the 5 of cups: a figure in black grieving by the shore of a river.  3 cups are spilled and two are upright. L to R 2nd row The Hanged Man reversed.  An man hanging from a t shaped tree with a halo around his head.  7 of pentacles: a farmer leaning on a hoe looking at 7 blooming pentacles.  2 of Pentacles: a man with a tall red hat juggling 2 pentacles.  behind him is a turbelent ocean with two boats being tossed about.  The bottom is the Knight of Swords, which shows a knight with his sword raised, charging ahead.

Hello, Subscribers. My weekly¬¬¬¬¬ writing¬¬¬s will hel¬¬¬p you prepare for the week and set yourself up for success. I glean insights from various intuitive tools and can help you do the same. Let’s get set up for success. Start your adventure.

Accountability check-in. Last week, I got about one good night’s sleep. I did it by going to bed early. I did daily meditations and took a nap; by taking a nap, I mean closing my eyes and not sleeping, but it was refreshing. Some days, the challenge has not been going to sleep but staying asleep. I also noticed that evening events tend to leave me wired and make sleeping more difficult. I did choose to go to bed last night instead of pushing through to write my blog in advance and got a good night’s sleep. How did it go for you? Please share in the comments.

I am returning to the classics and using the Waite-Smith deck, the most widely used tarot deck. The art is by Pamela Colmon Smith and is courtesy of the Galaxy Tarot app. I use tarot cards and Pokémon because the pictures sneak past mental guards and allow us to find creative solutions.

I'm adopting the TGROW coaching model to look into the week ahead. TGROW is a coaching model for clients who don’t know where to start. The first card is the Topic of the week, and it's about disappointment and letting go. I let go of many things like ceramics that my children had made and a mask this weekend. It's interesting because most of my journaling has been about letting go of the masks I wear and paying attention to people's agendas. Who am I without the mask? Are you the person you imagine yourself to be? How will you handle any of the setbacks from last week? I am still learning the lesson of double booking myself and not wanting to disappoint others. Guess who is going to an event the day before a long drive again? Fear not; I have checked my calendar for new events and am on track.

The second one is about Goals, and this week to me it is about planting seeds and continuing to wait for the harvest. Have you ever had a fruit that wasn't ripe? Often, it is a little bitter because you're not getting the fullness of the fruit had you let it ripen on the vine. Last night, I had a dream of a customer issue and escalated it to our global CEO. When I woke up this morning and reflected on it, the real me would never have done that. It wasn't that big of a deal and would be best handled by an email to my mythical colleague in the UK. The reality is it's tough to let go of control. It takes strength to hang in the balance and recognize what I don't control. I don't control other people, but I can control my response. I used to lie on the floor at work and have conversations with my manager, which helped shift both perspectives. Consider doing walking meetings this week if you don't have to share your screen.

Next is Opportunities. We are constantly challenged to find balance and manage our time. Though we're dealing with uncharted waters and chaos worldwide, try to find dry land. What comes to mind for me are vampires needing to carry a piece of soil from their home country to ground them. I don't want to be a vampire, but you can focus on the things aligned with your identity. What is your North Star? I also notice that the person juggling focuses on one of the pentacles. My morning pages today concentrate on being present and not working on auto-pilot. Stop and take a few deep breaths. I’ll wait.




Finally, we consider the Way forward. We do have to keep going despite the setbacks, disappointment, and poor timing. Be true to your convictions and speak authentically. I’ve had this red feather mask for years. I’m not going to any costume balls; it hangs a little crooked from the stick. Furthermore, I am allergic to feathers. Getting rid of it was a powerful allegory for accepting myself as I am. Is the person you pretend to be cluttering your space with the baggage of unrealized dreams? In the final card, the horse looks back at its rider for cues. Check-in with yourself before charging full steam ahead. My one thing for this week is planning my February Ask Me Almost Anything (AMAA) marathon. The AMAA marathon is me doing a LinkedIn Live question and answer session every day in February. I’ve never done anything like this before and am a little scared. I will break it down, one step at a time. What is your one thing for this week? Bon chance and Namaste.