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Successful Sunday, February 12, 2023

A person kneeling on a mat on a deck looking out into a landscape of palm trees.  The light is sepia toned and warm.

I follow my intuition and the flashes of inspiration that come to mind. I will be taking a break from social media because it takes up quite a bit of time. I would like to know if I will use this time for other things. This is my latest experiment. I also think that I take it for granted that I know how to do things and feel strongly about following my own offering and will dig deeper into why I am doing this. The four questions that I reflect upon when I do a Clarity Nugget or Bespoke reading are: What area is unclear? What is the biggest challenge to getting clarity? What can help me to get clear? Where should I focus next? I also think deleting the app would make this more successful. I will be using the Affirmators! at Work affirmation cards in this reflection.

What area is unclear is Decisiveness. I hate making decisions. It’s been a bone of contention with family and friends. That’s why I am surprised that I am going to do this. I have been waffling about it, so I will delete the app. I want to do things differently so that I will be different. Does social media add value to my life? Yes. I have made some beautiful connections who encourage and support me. It also can be a colossal time black hole. Time and energy are in limited supply. Perhaps removing this distraction will help me to listen better to my intuition.

Success can help me to get clear. This is an area where I have struggled to recognize. I focus on all the things I did not do, discounting my wins. Or I hyperinflate the wins and let myself off the hook from doing the work. This is why I am trying this experiment. How will I define success? By determining what I want to accomplish and writing them down. In my brain, I am a ballerina, princess, chemist, singer, magical being but my reality is more work and K-dramas. I am going to sit with the fact that I am responsible for my success and getting off the Hopium. How will I hold down a full-time job, passion projects, raise a family, and not implode?

I should focus on Quality. This means that what I do should get me closer to my goals. Am I doing the things that matter? Am I living my life intentionally? Today, I had waffles for breakfast for a change and I did not like them. Because I did not eat them on autopilot, I realized they did not taste very good. I have a time tracker app, but I always forget to check in when I get into the flow. It’s so hard only to do one thing at a time. Often, while the coffee is brewing, I will do something else. My literal brain struggles not to write down every single thing when I am tracking time. On the other hand, this is a great way to be intentional since I can set a purpose for the next block of time. I am getting excited about this. It’s almost like one of those food avoidance diets when you are trying to figure out your sensitivities.

Instead, I should focus on my outlets. This has also been a struggle. I have slowed down on creating art, writing, and other personal projects. It’s like the saying that you should schedule two hours if you do not have time to meditate for thirty minutes. I’ve been so much in the grind that I have missed quality time with my family and friends. Upon further reflection, I need to work on the steps that will allow me to spend time doing my hobbies. What have been the roadblocks and obstacles? This is not beat me up time, but digging into the whys. Why am I spending time in these areas? What am I trying to avoid? I hope you all have a wonderful week and I look forward to reconnecting after this short break. Namaste.