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Successful Sunday, August 1st, 2021

Sowing the seeds of doubt?

loose dirt next to a teal trowel that has dirt next to a little green pot that has 5 sculpted frogs hanging on the lid also filled with dirt.  All on a grey surface.  To the left of the trowel is a tiny scissors with a black handle.

The ground seemed barren and lifeless until I struck with my shovel and turned over the earth.  Underneath was dark, rich, soil.  So it is with life.  If we stick to the surface, we may feel hopeless and that there is a dearth of opportunity.  However, when you dig a little deeper, you may see the richness of your inner world and potential.  What seeds are you planting in your imagination?  Are you sowing your dreams or only viewing the weeds leeching precious hope?

My challenge is too much potential.  I have so many interests and dreams that I often blocked by analysis paralysis.  Are you also crippled by indecision?  What if it doesn't work?  What if I made the wrong choice?  Perhaps we ought to ask ourself, what can I learn from this?  Can I make this work?  Even when we make a decision, there are still steps that can throw us off.  My son was making ice cream, but whipped the cream too long.  He could throw it out and restart or pivot and make homemade butter.  I was talking with a friend whose child is in a very competitive field.  The stakes are very high and can hinge on placement in competition.  Yet, something as simple as a sprained finger can also knock them out of the running.  Non-action is also a decision.  We are choosing to remain in our current circumstances.

FOMO is the fear of missing out.  Perhaps that is a root cause that causes us to fear making the wrong choice.  What did I give up?  What am I missing?  Again, sometimes the richness we want is just under the surface, but we have to do a little digging.  It does take effort and getting dirty.  When I garden, I often eschew gloves because I like the feel and smell of dirt.  Often we have left our feelings unexplored and the unresolved emotions are like weeds strangling our forward momentum.

Perhaps you prefer the devil you do know.  What don't you know that you don't know?  As I stated before, sometimes if you seek help, you will receive the guidance you need to clear out the weeds and find that rich soil underneath.  Overcoming our thoughts about a situation can take more effort that the actual process steps necessary to reach the goal.  I could focus on the effort of digging a hole and clearing out the rocks and weeds or I can keep my grand vision of a lovely, green, privacy hedge in mind.  What are the trade offs?  What is your inaction causing you?  I know it has cost me years of stagnation.  I'm grabbing my shovel and getting to work.  Want to join me?  Namaste

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