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Successful Sunday, August 15th, 2021

A body of water with a hand holding a sparkler

What happens when you stop moving?  I was watching a video on how to spot a rip current.  They are sometimes darker patches of water or ripples surrounded by smooth water in between the waves.  I thought a rip current would look more turbulent.  The power lies beneath as the current pulls you away from the shore.  I feel like I am in a rip current this week, getting pulled further away from what I want to accomplish.  If caught in a rip current, you should not fight it, but swim parallel to the shore until you can get out of it.  Sometimes, being in the water is the closest thing to flying as there is a sense of weightlessness.  It is a battle between floating and sinking.  What things weigh you down and clip your wings?

There were quite a few wins this week.  It is easy to forget the wins when you are trying to reach the shore.  I made it to the semi-finals of an internal talent contest, one of my clients reported back on a major win in their life,  I successfully moved my child to their first apartment, and I am holding it together after a major life change.  It is important to celebrate the wins and remember your vision.  I am currently listening to my vision to remember why I keep going even when I am far from shore.  Remember to let your light shine and that usually we are the ones who dim ourselves.

What happens when you stop moving?  You are forced to process all the things you have stuck a pin in.  It sucks by the way, but there is a sense of peace that happens if you do not fight it.  In my recorded vision I tell myself that I always seem so calm and peaceful.  By the way "seem" is the key word and hugs are an amazing way to feel more at peace.  I think I have been swimming against this particular rip current and I am tired.  What have you been fighting?  What could you be doing with that energy?

When you get back to shore sometimes you want to kiss the ground.  Being grounded is important.  Take the lessons born from turbulence and do something different.  Pain and discomfort are your friends trying to get your attention that something is not working for you.  When I realized they were they to help me, I surrended to the flow and that is how I have made it back to the shore.  Instead of making another leap to fly and touch the sun, I think I will take the time to remain planted and strengthen my roots.  Get a vantage point to see where the rip currents are before I dive in again.  Namaste.

Are you tired of being tossed about?  Feel free to reach out to me for a bespoke reading and give yourself permission to fly.