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Podcast Transcript 6/26/22

Charge On!

Intro:Pounding bass note and a stirring fanfare of horns. Welcome to another edition
of Things to Think about. Here's Stacy. The horns continue with a keyboard note

19:11:33 Welcome to the Things to Think About Podcast where we use fables and fairy tales to come to deeper truths about our subconscious world.

19:11:42 I'm Stacy Casson and today we have a special treat.

19:11:46 My guest today is the amazing artist RobRoy

19:11:52 Chalmers. RobRoy is a Jack or Jill of all trades, and an expert in many, and pushes beyond the binary.

19:11:59 You can learn how to join his swarm at the end of our podcast, Hey, Rob Roy! [RobRoy] Hi!

19:12:04 Thank you for having me. [Stacy] Oh, thank you so much for being a part of our podcast. So today we're gonna explore

19:12:13 Should we follow our dreams? and did you want to say anything to our people about what's going on in life?

19:12:20 [RobRoy] Well, I I mean I think that we'll probably get it through the through the reading.

19:12:24 But yeah it should we follow our dreams that's the that's the thing I've been following my dreams for 35 years now, and or my probably even closer to 40 and yeah it's always a question for

19:12:38 me. [Stacy] Okay, So we're gonna make a story and we have we could have as a main character a knight. We're looking at a picture of a knight charging on a horse.

19:12:56 And this is the current situation. (laughs) [RobRoy] Sounds about right [Stacy] yeah so that you know what comes to mind to me is we have this, this person.

19:13:06 They're moving forward their gung ho I mean does what comes up to you when you take a look at this card?

19:13:13 [RobRoy] Well, when I saw the knight, the first thing I thought of was someone charging into battle, and that is exactly how I feel at the moment, because I have this Kickstarter thing that I'm doing to try and kind of

19:13:30 reignite a project that that I kind of left behind a few years ago. And I'm also kina charging into the world of NFTs and Web 3 and trying to integrate that technology into into my physical artwork. So Yeah, there's definitely a lot

19:13:52 of charging into new frontiers right now. [Stacy] absolutely and when and when you're talking about exploring NFTs and new frontiers

19:14:04 this card is traditionally associated, associated with revolutionary things and exploring.

19:14:11 It's also being impatient (lauhgs) and you have a vision cause swords are associated with the thoughts.

19:14:20 So you have a vision, and you're trying to rush to this vision, our our, our our fearless hero, is is rushing into battle, and I really thought it was interesting that you thought of the term battle like What do you think you are fighting

19:14:34 against? [RobRoy] I think that i'm fighting against time and and and certainly fighting against money.

19:14:43 You know, because I it's an endless battle to pay the bills and make sure that the practicality of life is taken care of, so that I I don't get kicked out of my house and stuff like that so the

19:14:56 electricity stays on. So I feel like i'm fighting against the the practicality of life, and and the the creative being in me.

19:15:09 It is just always just like, Oh, Screw, that who cares!

19:15:14 Just go paint, or just go go make some art, you know, and and

19:15:20 So. yeah, it is a battle it's a battle with the elements and it's a battle within myself for sure. [Stacy] Absolutely, and I totally relate to that as a fellow artist and I can't tell you how many days I want

19:15:32 to run off and join the circus and it's[Stacy] like, you know... I like running water and toilet paper. (laughs)

19:15:39 [RobRoy] Yeah, Yeah. yeah, yeah, yeah. So the next part of our story our our hero comes across a challenge. So he meets this person, or they they meet a creature that is at a crossroad.

19:15:54 So we're looking at somebody with 2 swords so this is the balance. the The challenge is that balance that you were talking about between the practical and the dreams.

19:16:08 I mean when you look at this picture, what comes to mind for you?

19:16:14[RobRoy] Well, I mean basically just what you said it's that It's that melding of the two things in order to make in order to allow me to create the work enough and and make enough money doing it so that I

19:16:34 don't have to do the the construction work that I do to keep myself afloat.

19:16:42 And I and i've done that before I've I've succeeded as an artist on some levels.

19:16:51 And been able to support myself through art sales.

19:16:57 So I I know that the possibility is there, and that makes it even harder, Like

19:17:04 if I had never actually been able to accomplish that, maybe I would just maybe I would have given up, but because I have been able to acomplish it,

19:17:11 I'm just I I just refuse to give up because I know I can't [Stacy] Right, and when I look at this particular picture, the this, this, this person that the the the knight encounters they're on solid ground but behind

19:17:28 them is water, and like a distant land and there's also these rocky boulders.

19:17:35 So the water is kind of still but a little choppy and you have these boulders, which are perhaps some of these obstacles that you're facing.

19:17:43 But we're always, in the background, seeing that land that that you were talking about that, hey

19:17:50 I've done this before, and fighting in your head and you heart because water has a lot of hidden things.

19:17:57 You know what what things do we need to rebirth?

19:18:00 And we have a moon in the sky and moon is also about feelings.

19:18:04 So I think it's fighting the practical and our feelings and what is logical.

19:18:10 But I don't think anything has ever happened because it's logical.

19:18:15 I was. I don't know what I was listening to but it was talking about, you know, when women or or people find the strength to lift up cars if they sat down and logically thought about it they would never logically think

19:18:30 i'm gonna go lift up this car it's that burst of a dre adrenaline that comes to play, and you just do it. ***Note - It was Dion Johnson - The Womanologist speaking with Katherin McCord on the Career Launch Live show***

19:18:37 So , the next. The next part of the thing or is like some advice on what can maybe help us in this situation.

19:18:48 So when you look we're looking at more swords stabbing things raining skies, so our our knight is having a rough time, maybe what comes mine to you (laughs) when you look at this card? [RobRoy] that's the that's the one with

19:19:05 the the swords through the heart right?[Stacy] yeah [RobRoy] I I I mean, I I think, that I wake up every morning, and there's a little twinge of you know a sword through the heart like of is some is the practical world going

19:19:24 to dash my dreams is it? Is it finally going to overwhelm me?

19:19:31 You know, and and I live alone I don't I don't. I don't have a live in partner.

19:19:37 I don't have any any sort of help. And you know what I've had this discussion before with people like I

19:19:47 I don't consider a living partner to mean that you know they're they're supporting you.

19:19:52 I just mean that, you know you only have to pay half of of the rent, or the mortgage, or all that.

19:19:57 So that can make a big difference in in one's life so I do feel like that

19:20:04 that card really says to me, Okay, the the practical aspect of life is every day trying to stab you through the heart and and and wreck your dreams.

19:20:20 And you have to be able to fight against it [Stacy] yeah when I look at it.

19:20:24 What comes to mind is there's there's a sword there's a central sword, and I think of it when you talk about you're on your own.

19:20:33 It's just you so I feel like there's a central sword almost grounding the heart.

19:20:37 And then we have the two swords cris-crossing one like the dreams, and maybe one is the practicality and the it there just doesn't seem to be any respite.

19:20:49 The the sky is gray. The only thing of color is the heart so like, I think for me

19:20:55 what comes up with little bit of color from the heart is Do you have the heart to continue with this? and continue despite you and I were talking earlier about people that they're very happy.

19:21:09 Clappy and they'll they'll they'll like you know they'll click on your your work.

19:21:14 They'll even put comments. But when it comes down to are you going to financially support me and support my art? They're not there, and I think that can feel like a betrayal (laughs) at times.

19:21:27 [RobRoy] Yeah, I I mean I I I don't I I think of it on some levels like that.

19:21:32 But I I also think that you know one of the reasons why I like crowdfunding is just because it does allow people to do like.

19:21:42 Be be very meager with with pledges and and I I'm yeah.

19:21:52 It it it's it makes me it makes me wonder if maybe what I'm doing just isn't appealing to people like, if someone's like.

19:22:01 Oh, yeah, that's awesome you're great yeah I love you. And I think your artists run into this a lot. I I love your work. I love your work. But then there's no there's nothing beyond that, so

19:22:14 Yeah, [Stacy] And I think it's interesting that you bring it up because three is also generally associated with that spirit of collaboration.

19:22:24 So bringing in those people, and I I I did therapy a while ago.

19:22:32 And the thing that has stuck with me from my therapist was, let the pain inform you.

19:22:37 So when we go through this painful time it's a big strong motivator like, Okay, this isn't working, what else can I do differently?

19:22:49 [RobRoy] Right. [Stacy] So it's I I feel very grounded with this with this card cause three is usually something stable, but it's also like you mentioned that you're alone

19:22:59 But we can't do it alone and it's kind of funny, because we start with one knight, then two for crossroads and three.

19:23:08 So it's as easy. and as difficult as 1, 2, 3 (laughs) [RobRoy] Yeah, if it was only that easy, Stacy, I you and I would be in a different position .

19:23:21 [Stacy] So now the next picture I kind of think of the night took off all their armor, and this is kind of what they look like underneath, and they're they're coming up against the opposition.

19:23:37 What comes up for you? [RobRoy] I honestly I I because I saw all the sticks that he has.

19:23:47 I thought farming. To be perfectly honest, it was the first thing that came into my head, and and for me I grew up.

19:23:57 I I grew up in northern New York I grew up on a farm, so I understand the how hard it is, But I also understand that you like what you sow today.

19:24:12 Doesn't show up for a long time. You know and sometimes, and especially like with certain types of crops.

19:24:22 It takes 3 or 4 years in order for them to kind of like achieve a a place where they're going to really bear fruit for you.

19:24:34 So that's what came to my mind and I realized that that may not that it may not make any sense anyone else looking at that card. (laughs)

19:24:43 But That's what that's what came into my mind [Stacy] No that that makes sense to me when you bring up the farming analogy.

19:24:51 It's you have to till the soil and there's definitely obstacles it's not you have to prepare the ground.

19:24:58 And so, maybe because this is the the outcome card maybe what will help is like just thinking about you as planting your seeds for the crop of your art.

19:25:10 You're trying different fruit. ie the NFT route the crowdfunding route, you website, and and there's still the fashion.

19:25:20 I mean you're you're having many different crops and it's still maybe battling against the weevils, the weather, the the insects the things that attack the crop.

19:25:33 So there's something of defending but I think it's just pretty funny that we start out with somebody so heavily armored, and I get the the image of like beating your swords into plow shares

19:25:46 [RobRoy] Hmm! [Stacy] Even though this is also very aggressive picture.

19:25:53 But I like the idea of of taking and nurturing the soil and being patient. and you've you said, 35 years.

19:26:03 How long do I have to be patient I don't know I don't have the answer for that.

19:26:09 Did we follow our dreams when we as a whole it might mean Yes, but it's definitely something that we have to be in it for the long haul, because it might take time for this fruit to grow.

19:26:26 You know, , it's keeping that energy up and really dealing with the things underneath the soil.

19:26:34 That's that's when you bring up the farming analogy for me it's like what's underneath the soil.

19:26:39 What rocks haven't we gotten rid of? What are the things that are still obstacles that we need to move and able to plant some of these seeds, and for them to to grow? And it's where are we

19:26:54 planting the seeds? Are you planting these things in in spaces and places that can grow for you?

19:27:02 So some of the you know some of these things with the the crowdfunding. You can have many little seeds, and maybe that is gonna be fertile for more fertile soil.

19:27:13 I can't speak today versus the rest (laughs) I just really like, if we look at this this character, and and I take down the pictures but hopefully, you, remember that's taken off the armor because sometimes for people to help us we have

19:27:28 to be vulnerable, and I think this knight has made himself phone or their theirselves vulnerable.

19:27:36 This this this person has made themselves vulnerable and they're tilling the soil.

19:27:41 We can't do it alone? you might have to ask your neighbor? hey?

19:27:44 Can you help me with the harvest, or hey? can I borrow a horse? Or something like that to get the things that we need?

19:27:53 I don't know if we answered. 'should we follow our dreams?'

19:27:58 I I think it gives us things to think about. [RobRoy] Sure, I mean I a everyone has to make that decision all on their own. And I think that you know I last month you did every day you did something for mental health.

19:28:14 Awareness month and I I i'm i'm a firm believer that you know there's a certain there are certain mental health.

19:28:27 Questions that we can raise about like the people who do are willing to kind of not live the way society might say

19:28:40 this is how you have to live in order to follow their dreams.

19:28:45 They're a lot like me like I don't I don't follow those rules that are so many people do, and I don't

19:28:53 I don't want the things that so many people want and and it's always been a problem for me not a problem, but it

19:29:02 it makes me. it makes me not not the perfect partner. (laughs)

19:29:13 I I and you know so it it's hard for me to have a a live in partner.

19:29:18 I I you know I struggle with that. So

19:29:23 and it has to do with the art it has to do with me, wanting to make all the time create.

19:29:27 So. Yeah, I don't know follow your dreams I I I don't know.

19:29:34 The answer is, I know what the answer is for me [Stacy] yeah [RobRoy] I don't know what the answer is for anyone else right?

19:29:40 But like like you said, have that vision because the main the main person they're charging forward.

19:29:46 They they know where they're going and come hell or high water.

19:29:53 They're going there , they're not they are not marching to the beach.

19:29:57 Anyone else's drum except their own and as you are going to come into conflict because you're not following the quote quote Norm in any part of your life, and that's true.

19:30:10 I I admire that about. You you are not following the norm you're gonna say what you want to say you're gonna do what you're gonna do.

19:30:17 But I think you're also somebody that lives with the consequences of that. and that's where we get into these the the heart stabbing concept. But that heart was vibrant.

19:30:28 It your heart, you know it takes a licking and and keeps on ticking.

19:30:32[RobRoy] Yeah, [Stacy] forging new things, and I love the the final part that look i'm gonna keep telling the soil.

19:30:39 I know what I want to do with this crop i'm ready to stand my ground and defend my ideas and my ideals.

19:30:49 And I have the vision and the perseverance that this is going to bear fruit. And you have that remen the reminder that I've done this before, and that's something really important first to hold on to I've done this

19:31:03 before. Some I came to a realization when I sat still for five minutes that i'm not indecisive.

19:31:10 I always tell myself i'm indecisive but when i'm ready.

19:31:13 I make a decision, and I go i'm like that that horseperson in the beginning.

19:31:19 So what are the stories that we're telling ourselves and we're not gonna logic

19:31:27 our way out of this. It definitely has to be that balance of thinking beyond what you can't even see because that's what visionaries do when we had the Apple computer,

19:31:37 nobody believed you're everybody's gonna have a portable computer in your house, not to mention in your pocket. And now they're ubiquitous.

19:31:47 They're everywhere. so I mean any parting words for our people?

19:31:53 [RobRoy] Well, I I mean just you know. Yeah, you you have to

19:31:57 you have to balance it for yourself and the the iI

19:32:02 If the dream really means something to you, follow it. if all of a sudden, it stops meeting something to you.

19:32:09 Then maybe it's time to not follow it anymore. I don't know I tried to let it go, and I and I couldn't.

19:32:18 So Yeah. I say, follow your dreams, and to the very end.

19:32:30 [Stacy] #Team FollowYourDream Well, RobRoy, thank you so much for being a part of our show today.

19:32:32 Where do people find you I know you're on Linkedin?

19:32:36 [RobRoy] I'm on Linkedin I'm on twitter and Tiktok at Facebook and Insta and it's all just RobRoy Chalmer's in various different like upper case lowercase all that

19:32:49 stuff. You can also find my Kickstarter and my website

19:32:54 I think that the links are in the [Stacy] They're gonna be in the show notes, absolutely. Yeah, all the links are going to be in the show notes.

19:33:05 [Rob Roy] Awesome. Yeah, that's that's where I am [Stacy] Great well, thank you so much. This ends another episode. If you all like this podcast, please subsribe and never miss an episode

 Closing:Closing jazzy keyboard and thrumming bass. Hope you enjoyed today's segment.
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