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Successful Sunday, June 19th, 2022

I Literally Can't Even But I Can

Today I spent the first half of the day picking things up, putting things down, pacing, and panicking if I had nothing to distract me.

It was one o'clock. My thoughts were racing but I couldn't tell you what I was thinking. It was just thoughts, thoughts, thoughts.

Enough. I took some deep breaths and asked myself what is the next thing that I needed to do. We needed groceries. Okay, what's next? Make a list. Focus. I was focused.

We stuck to the list. Okay we got maybe ten extra items but they were mostly stuff we forgot to put on the list. I still can't write this blog. Well I can't write my usual blog.

If you can't even, what is one thing you can do? I am counting today a success because I did that one thing. It's my best and that's good enough. Namaste.

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