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Successful Sunday, June 26th, 2022

I can even....

A ginger cat sitting on a chair in the sun looking out the window

Last week it was very hard to be motivated or to get things done. Mission+Crunch Time = Success. This week I had to move cubicles. I could have given up, but I relied on my training and was able to purge many things and at the end of the move, I was in a better place than when I started. As I reflected, I realized that I am capable and can accomplish incredible things when I put my mind to it. I had a vision of the mission and once complete, I made sure to celebrate. The next mission was a college orientation and also trusting my kid on the return drive. Another success. Even taking time off is a mission. I tapped into things I enjoyed as a kid like going out for ice cream and walking the mall. In all the tasks that I had to do, I had a choice. Accept help or do it on my own. Everything is so much easier with help or company. Human connection is vital.

The challenge is when I am trusting my instinct versus when I am being impulsive. When I was moving my cubicle, I impulsively decided to get rid of a bunch of files. Because I accepted help, something made me triple-check, what I was chucking. Turns out, I would have thrown away some irreplaceable memories. Humans need some inefficiencies. It is important to be in the now and be present for the moment. Reflecting on the past also allows for growth and reminds me of what I have accomplished as well as the things I would prefer to not repeat. My inner child should be allowed to play and have boundaries.

If I got around to making a club, it would be Procrastinators Anonymous. I am bamboo and I am also lazy at times. Sometimes, a positive spin only serves to keep me in the mire. Thankfully, I accepted the help and challenge of a deadline. Like the cubicle move, I have a mission and crunch time. The lead time is longer, and I need to get serious and break it down into smaller steps. It is no different from deciding to shop for groceries and making a list. You are the first to hear that I am finally going to do my Clarity Playshop. It is going to be on August 13th and it is going to be awesome. We are living in very uncertain times and having a plan helps to soothe me. Making this a success is a new puzzle to solve. I see that I can get things done when I put my mind to it. I followed my instinct and attended a very interesting presentation from Toni McLelland about Ikigai which I believe can guide this process. Because I accepted the challenge from Yinka Ewuola, I have a date. Ekua Cant provided much-needed feedback which will help me to refine the playshop. If I do what I normally do, this is going to be a stressful flying by the seat of my pants chaotic mess. If I do something different...

Change is not easy. The first step is to believe that change is possible. I have told myself the story that whatever I do is poorly attended. This is not from recent events but foundational watching my mom try new things. Her outcome does not have to be my outcome. If I believe I will be a failure, that is very likely to happen. This week, I saw why people need what I do. Having conversations using intuitive tools resulted in breakthroughs and realizations. Sadly there is no magic wand. I will have to work. The cubicle did not move itself. However, because I put in the time, accepted help, and did the work the result was almost like magic. If you have a vision, it can keep you focused. If you have clear intentions, they will give you a path. None of these will create anything unless you take action. “Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision is merely passing time. But vision with action can change the world.” ~Nelson Mandela

Are you ready to make that change?