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Things To Think About, Monday, May 6, 2019

Destination known, travel plans unknown

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Happy Monday, or whatever Monday you choose.

Have you ever fooled yourself into thinking that you are pondering a course of action when you already made a decision? Stop dithering and get moving! It is possible that you may get lost on your journey, but you have everything you need and your internal compass to guide the way. It is good to have a destination in mind, but do not forget to enjoy the journey. When you are traveling, it is wise to pare down your luggage to the essentials. Now would be an excellent time to lay down your mental baggage. Let your vision be your guide. We are used to hi-speed internet, fast food, and fast shipping. Instant gratification feels good now, but sometimes we have to play the long game. I got to participate in a Start-Up Workshop, and they had a visualization of the journey. You will spend a long time in the valley of sorrows, but it is essential to keep going forward. You will get to that mountain top.


But, and there is always a but – I’m overwhelmed and have too many things going on. What was I thinking? Mastering your emotions is the key. You may be thinking, “that is never going to happen, I am too ______________.” I was speaking with a friend of mine about things that upset us. I asked her how she reacted to it. She responded with many scenarios. We both realized that our reactions to situations were a choice. The key is to be aware of your frame of mind. What are your triggers? Does being tired or hungry make a difference? Do you have strategies to counteract the obstacles? What about when you hit a wall? I have been practicing mindfulness because it provides objectivity. Observing my emotions helps me to be proactive versus reactive. Breathe. Pause.


It is challenging to juggle our life. Sometimes we get into the weeds. We put time and effort into important things but not priority items. I cannot tell you how many hours I have lost going down rabbit holes. I learned many things and completed some exciting projects, but when I reflect on what it costs I am more mindful of where I direct my energy. I do not know what will work for you, but what works for me is to write down the things that I want to accomplish. A checklist helps me to prioritize my day. I try and do the task that I want to do the least, first, getting it out of the way, and everything else seems more achievable in comparison. Thinking about last week’s blog, do you need to juggle all of the balls? What balls can you remove? Where can you streamline your life to help you on your journey?


What’s next? Remember to make some pit stops on your journey. We want to drive twenty-hour/seven and never stop for gas. Where will that leave you? Stuck on the side of the road. At times you may need to withdraw and check in with yourself. Remember your destination and why you are on this journey. Pit stops are supposed to be brief. You can pause, but do not stop. Challenge your assumptions. We can get stuck in auto-pilot and miss our turn off. Even though you have to be in the driver’s seat, we carry passengers along the way. Our actions and choices ripple outwards and impact others. Are you bringing people along for the ride or running them over? Safe travels.