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Things To Think About, Monday March 11, 2019

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Happy Monday, or whatever Monday you choose. Bizarro, the anti-villain, was the mirror image of Superman. This weekend has been a Bizarro one. I rested an inverse proportion to the amount of work I have done. I have learned that I hold a Ph.D. in wasting time. I prefer to call it replenishing my energy stores. We live in a time where we worship at the altar of productivity. Every moment of your life is expected to be amazing and filled with accomplishment. Constant work does not give us much time for reflection. I watched “Christopher Robin” this weekend, and I think I am taking Winnie the Pooh’s wisdom to heart. “Doing nothing often leads to the very best kind of something.” When is the last time you reflected about your life? I often find when I take the time to do nothing it frees up my mind to work on solutions in the background. Sometimes the parts work better than the whole.

But, and there is always a but – there is so much on my to-do list. Are all the things you think you need to do, actually what you need to do? Nothing crystalizes your priorities as effectively as a catastrophe. I thankfully had no tragedies this weekend but did remember what is important to me. When is the last time you did something you enjoy? I enjoy coloring with crayons. No special equipment is needed, and I can do it anytime and anywhere. It feeds the root desire to create and be creative. I get to try out new things in a safe environment. Think of it as mental prototyping. I need to develop many ideas for several projects and then successfully execute them. My idea bucket had a hole in it and needed repairing. Doing nothing can aid with future productivity.


If you are feeling emotionally empty or low on ideas, I highly recommend recharging. Christopher Robin in the film is toiling away so that one day he can enjoy his life. His wife, Evelyn reminds him that “Your life is happening now, right in front of you.” Are you too busy trying to make a living to live your life? I am not saying that we quit our jobs and try to beat the record for sleeping. Do not forget what is important to you. A desire to be a part of something meaningful is an excellent source of motivation for most people. Are you making a difference by your action? What will be your legacy? Do you know who you are? Will you want to know who you have become if you met them on the street?


What’s next? Do not fool yourself. I am guilty of working myself to the bone, so I do not have to think about reality. It is not my fault that I have not accomplished my dreams. Look at how hard I am working. You may feel that you are following the logical path, but something inside you is screaming “iceberg!”. Do not steer towards your destruction. Sometimes it is okay to jump ship and put on a life vest. We have been indoctrinated to follow the status quo. What works best for you? I am most productive early in the day because there are not many distractions. I try and do difficult things first. It makes the rest of my day seem much more relaxed in contrast. Are you a night owl? Maybe you are most productive listening to music. Perhaps you get your best ideas on a walk. Work with your strengths instead of trying to fit into a mold. Renew yourself and then color outside the lines and leave your distinct mark.