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Things To Thing About, Monday, March 4th, 2019

Stranded on the side of life

Happy Monday, or whatever Monday you choose. I learned many lessons about communication and problem-solving this past weekend. Last week, I shared with you all that life does not happen on your schedule. This past weekend was the epitome of what I said. Friday started on a promising note. My team executed a carefully prepared plan, and for the first time in fifteen years, I was able to go to bed at a decent time. The next day, life happened. I, unfortunately, am unable to say that I took all of the last’s week advice and was a Zen master about the challenges. However, I did hit my stride relatively early. The difference? Mindset. Is your attitude still getting in your way?


But, and there is always a but - Stacy, seriously, you have no idea of the people with which I have to interact. Fair enough. The choice is still yours with how you want to deal with them. Practicing active listening this weekend, I realized that my plight was nothing compared to the suffering of others. Many people made sacrifices. My situation was not exceptional. The perspective allowed me to gain some objectivity and enabled me to view people as human beings. Putting yourself in the shoes of someone else, and understanding their motivation is a great way to deescalate a situation. I did not lose anything by maintaining civility. When you are proactive, the phone stops ringing.
When you realize that you are not in it alone, and allow other people to help you, you would be amazed at how much you can accomplish. I had the pleasure of working with someone in a position of authority that did not view our team as a threat to their power base. They welcomed our help, and we ensured the safety of others. You have to admit to your blind spots and ask for help. It is not just your reputation on the line. We are all connected, and when we work together, the sky is the limit. Do people trust you? Why or why not? What will you do to change or maintain?
What’s next? Build on the momentum. You will find that you recover faster from your former pitfalls. When you become aware of the triggers, you are more able to find solutions. Please stand by. Life called again.
Five hours later, and I am back. As I pen this post, my challenge is not resolved. However; I am not going to be passive about life. Once I assessed the situation, I saw that I had an opportunity to take back some control of it. Now refreshed, I am off to conquer. Will you let the setbacks define you, or will you dig deep and redefine yourself?
P.S. Mission Accomplished.
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