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Things To Think About, Monday, July 30th, 2018

Happy Monday, or whatever Monday you choose.
This weekend I was on a college tour with my kids. They stressed the importance of not slacking off during your senior year. They look for kids who challenged themselves and maintained their grades. So it is when you are getting close to achieving your goals. The race is not over until you cross the finish line. Do you have the discipline to stay on track and push yourself over that finish line? Will you give in to your impulses? I’m dying to see what happens next in a book I am reading. The competition is hungry, and they are working hard on sprinting ahead of you at the finish line. Are you going to others gain what you have worked so hard to achieve? Are the marathon binges worth it?
But, and there is always a but – your thoughts are still there whispering before you get to that finish line. Are they holding you hostage? Are you ready to be accountable for your life? There is a bible proverb, “As a man thinks in his heart, so he is.” Who do you want to be today? How do you perceive the things that happen in your life? Do you believe in you? Sometimes the best way to help yourself is to help someone else. What advice would you give a friend going through challenges?
Perhaps you are going through some trials as we speak. Maybe other people are involved. Don’t fall into the blame game. What is your contribution to your current situation? Is some inner conflict preventing your forward momentum? Consider expanding your network. Learning from your peers can be very helpful since they are going through similar situations and challenges. Check yourself. Your thoughts about other people can also be holding you back. Perhaps they are a projection of how you feel about yourself.
What's next? The next race. Is the point really just to win or to grow? When farmers bring in their harvest, they set aside seed to plant for the next year. I really do hope that you accomplish your goal, but ask yourself, what’s next? Do I want to plant the same crops, or perhaps try some new ones? Planting the same crop year after year depletes the soil. Is it possible that what you plant will not be what the market demands? Yes. Of course, but think big picture. If your land is in better condition and has more nutrients, it will be ready for the next endeavor. The flowers and fruits of your labor are a beautiful sight to behold but do not forget to nourish the roots.