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Successful Sunday, September 4, 2022

Because we matter does not take away from you.

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I've not been as active on social media because I have prioritized limiting distractions. I struggle with calling it a distraction because I have made genuine connections. I did make the time to read a post from Maxwell Neely and it left me reflecting about the intersections and also how important it was to not dilute how many ways Black lives do not matter in this country. 

Why It Matters

When our words transform from definitions:

That Black lives matter; a thought that shatters.

Unwilling to confront superstitions,

Our minds are colonized, mad as hatters.

Distinct from the soul, a physical realm;

All lives matter is a constant retort.

Reason abdicates, and fear takes the helm;

Makes how much we matter of great import.

What is there for us to debate? Our hate?

“A matter-of-fact” supremacy stressed;

“They are less than us; bar them at the gate.”

A structure of lies has become abscessed.

Black lives are precious; we’re all intertwined.

Till Black lives matter, we are all confined.