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Successful Sunday, September 11, 2022

No one is coming to save me.

Black and white photo of a light colored hand dramatically lit in three quarter view.

I am going to be careful about what I say I am. Words have power and can be supercharged by my intention. I am experiencing the aftermath of an incident. I am mentally patting myself on the back for being precise and sticking with the facts. Today was a rare day where I had no plans that required me to be beholden to anyone other than myself. The only had to struggle with deciding to play on my phone or make some coffee. My intuitive focus for the day was to let go of things that no longer served me. My eldest wanted to get started on preparing the house for a guest coming in a few weeks. I had promised myself to make some decisions today and clear away some of the stagnant energy that had settled here.

We thanked the inanimate objects taking up space for their service and released them to the next phase of their journey. "Ohhhhh, that is where my white shirt went," I exclaimed with joy as my kids celebrated their found objects. Apparently, my middle child is part magpie. They were not even shiny objects. We did not need the cute decorative pot because it is highly unlikely that I will gift someone a pot of meatballs. We had to come to terms with the fact that hanging on to old clothes will not bring him back. Releasing things does involve sacrifice. It was worth the temporary pain and heartbreak because even now, the energy in this space has improved tremendously.

As we gifted our treasures for a second life, we decided to pursue a side quest for mustard seeds. Did I mention that we were still giddy from the excitement of making our own dijon mustard? It is so easy, you may never want to buy it again. Sadly, we left the store empty handed. Hmmm, a missed call? Tears, hysteria; everyone was okay. I am technically okay. At this moment, I am in my home, belly full from a meal I did not have to prepare. I am clothed. I have running water and my family. I am not going to let a single moment define today. I am going to celebrate what we accomplished today. Catastrophizing will not help the situation. It happened and is one of a million things that will happen as I move forward through life. Have you ever tried on an old shoe after wearing a new one? You wonder how you every endured wearing it. I am not going to put on an old mindset.

We accomplished a great deal. If we did it once, it can be done again. More than can one thing can be true. 'Yes and' is an improv tool. Life is a series of improvisations because the universe loves plot twists. Yes I had a major success and my head hurts right now and I am exhausted and tired of holding everything together. Yes, I am strong and I want someone to ride in on a white horse and save me. No one is coming to save me. I do not need saving. All things have an end. You need and end to have a new beginning. I am not alone even if there are things only I can do. I am the author of my story. It would be a boring tale without some drama. Are you going to write a new story or stay with stale plotlines that no longer serve you? Namaste