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Successful Sunday, October 11, 2020

Hidden in plain sight...

blurred hands holding eyeglasses with a blurred eye chart in the background.  The letters viewed through the eyeglasses are in focus.

When is the last time you looked at something and were present enough to see it? Are you reading this on your phone? How does it feel? Aside from the words you are reading, are you considering the font, the layout? Are you going through the motions? I saw a woodpecker on a walk. When is the last time you were amazed and curious?

Sometimes I get so bogged down in routine that I do not realize I am on auto-pilot. We have always done things this way. Complacency is comfortable. Why are things this way? Can you imagine things being a different way? Or perhaps if you took the time to be present, you would discover the richness of your present moment.

Many things surround me - duties, obligations, projects, wishes, and just in cases, I can't see the items in front of me. What is in your life that no longer serves you? Be grateful for what you learned and let go. We do not need to make space for more things; we need to make space for more s p a c e.

It is okay to take up space. Make room for yourself to be. Breathe. Be expansive. Before you leave me, check-in with your senses. Take off the blinders. Look. See. Namaste.