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Successful Sunday, October 10th, 2021

Remainders and Reminders

A person wearting a red beanie, striped grey scarf, black jacket, dark blue jeans, and red fingerless gloves perusing a  table filled with books.  They selected The Battle of Hurtgen Forest by Charles Whiting and are looking at another history book.

Today is the first day that I have had absolutely nothing planned for a long time.  It terrified me.  I went as far as to consider a three hour drive to visit a friend and return the same day.  This week, I faced my worst fear.  It was just as horrible as I thought it would be, but I survived and feel stronger for it.  When you sit still, you have to sit with yourself as the wise Future Cain often says.  Today I realized that I may be depressed.  I was looking up some information to share about World Mental Health day and I recognized myself in some of the symptoms.  It is a natural response for what has happened in my life and it will not define me.  It is something I am experiencing and I will trust this process and explore this development with curiosity and always try to be kind to myself.

Yesterday, I tried out a new reading using the Intuitive Life Coaching Oracle Cards by Kelly T. Smith and Indie Goes Software.  I wanted to see what I could learn from 5S on a mental and spiritual level.  5S is a Japanese LEAN manufacturing technique to provide a safe and efficient workspace.  The steps are Sort, Set in Order, Shine, Standardize and Sustain.  The first card was the Universal Bank.  "Everything you need to thrive is already here."  In the context of 5S, I need to continue to sort out what I need and what I can let go.  I have done a better job this week of enforcing my boundaries and not taking on new things.  When you take the time to reflect it is not only what things to remove, but also an assessment of what things you need to keep.  It reminded me of the abundance I have in my life.  

The picture I chose for today's blog post was a good reminder that we choose the story we tell ourselves.  Everyone wants to be the hero of their tale.  Heros are sometimes jerks.  They need to go through a journey of transformation and allow growth.  The next step is to set in order.  This is ordinarily looking at what you need to be successful and have the most frequently used item in place.  It is also an opportunity to discover what is missing.  The card for this was the Shooting Star and about stepping into my fullest potential.  I find to place for everything that is important to me.  This is why the sort phase is so important.  If I keep devoting energy to things that no longer serve me, I will not live up to my fullest potential.

The next step is to Shine.  The card for this was Hidden Treasure which explores untapped potential.  Normally the Shine steps involves setting up routines, checklists and cleaning.  My friend and coach Yinka Ewuola often talks about habits and consistency.  If I have removed the dross and set my life in order, it is easier for me to develop my talents and grow.  Standardize is next and the card for that is Entrepreneur.  My friends Dannique Blake and Ekua Cant had generous conversations with me around defining what it is that I do and where I had clarity.  The people I can help will be unable to benefit if they do not know that I exist or what I do.  I need to gain clarity in my messaging so that people understand what I do and for my business to grow.

The final step is to Sustain.  This means checking in regularly to ensure the prior steps are still in order and fucntioning in the most efficient way to accomplish the goals.  My card was Mirror which means that my world is a reflection of my outlook.  This goes back to the picture I chose for this blog.  What is the story I am telling myself.  If I am honest, I have been telling the story that I am an imposter and fooling myself.  This would be to deny the evidence that people's lives have changed as a result of what I do.  They did it for themselves, but I created a safe space for them to find the courage to take the steps they always wanted to take.

Are you ready to get your thoughts in order and make your Someday list start today?  Come to my Start Up Your Life Playshop this Friday, October 15th at 6pm EST.  It is ninety minutes of problem solving using play.  Get your crayons or playdoh or legos ready and we will have fun and get things done.  Other people who have invested their time have finally started projects and also told themselves a new story.  Are you ready to be the hero of your tale?  Take the step and reach out.

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