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Successful Sunday, November 15th, 2020

Right now is not forever.

A seated person wearing a backwards baseball cap, hoodie, and jeans sitting cross-legged on a rock surrounded by water and other rocks watching a sunrise or sunset.

A shrieking choir resonates in my teeth, echoing throughout my sinus cavities with the climax somewhere in the upper left corner of my skull. The whir of the fan is soothing, and the breeze is pleasant against my skin. Blue skies with little fluffy clouds may be a cliche but are genuinely and underrated pleasure. When I focus on the other aspects of my present moment, the headache recedes into the background, an innocuous intrusion. Rarely is everything horrible, and if it is, you are breathing and present to witness and potentially change.

But, and there is always a but - sometimes this is easy in a vacuum. There is nothing wrong with taking time for oneself. Sometimes our solitude is a vaccination against feeling our feelings. Sometimes, it gives us the space to process uncomfortable feelings. My current space alternates between being a refuge and a prisoner. The wisdom is in knowing the difference between the two. Perhaps we are in solitude because our loved ones have retreated. Reconnect when you are ready and be ready to reconnect with others when they emerge. We need each other.

Introspection can bring clarity. Not being surrounded by familiar things may provide insight into what is necessary. I am almost out of one of my paints. It is a foundational color, but it is not crucial when there are other options. I just took a deep breath. It was not deliberate; it just happened. When you strip things away, it can be freeing and provide clarity. I am not advocating asceticism unless that is your jam. Clearing away can allow for growth.

What's next? Where are you right now? Do you like it; does it make you happy? What do you think about your current situation? Are the thoughts real? Does different thinking change your perception? Change moves from internal to external. Two people in the same situation may have radically different perceptions. Another deep breath not of my volition made me more relaxed. Right now, all is well. Are you present? Take a deep breath. Namaste.