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Successful Sunday, May 9th, 2021

Hi, My Name is Stacy and I'm addicted to my phone...

Person sitting with a laptop and a phone.  Typing on laptop with left hand and scrolling on phone with right hand.  There is a blurred orange box to the right with a white dragon

My family probably thinks I am dead.  It's almost the afternoon and I have been on vacation from my phone.  Hi, my name is Stacy and I think I may have a problem.  It may not be as bad as I thought because I am enjoying being disconnected.  I thought I would be afraid to be alone with my thoughts, but the cat kept me company.  It has been a productive morning.  Instead of scrolling through my feeds and responding to hundreds of well wishing texts, I focused on getting things done.  First, I checked in with my body and noticed my breathing and the thoughts that were running in my head.  That was when I made the momentous decision to take a vacation from my phone.  What would you do with that extra time?

Do you find it difficult to get started?  I noticed that "let me just check this real quick" is never quick.  Normally by now on a weekend I would be turning to my partner and saying, "we sure know how to waste time."  I have found hidden treasure by working on my to do list.  It is also a reminder that sometimes you are not able to force things to happen.  I have randomly done a web search for a passage from an english exam that I fell in love with for several years.  I wanted to find the source to read the entire tale.  Guess what? Because of my phone vacation, I finally went through some old bins and there inside, lay a yellowed photocopy of the very passage.  Doing things that I want to do is important and fulfulling.  I wanted to finish this blog before reengaging with my fellow humans.  What would happen if instead of reaching for your phone, you started one small task?

I used to feel that taking time for myself was selfish.  I prided myself on my responsiveness.  I realize that I have not been responding, but reacting and there is an important distinction between the too.  Now that I have taken this time for me and refilled my cup, I believe the quality of my interactions with others will be greatly improved.  I think I have avoided this time because it would require me to do inner work and face some discomfort.  It was work, but I feel so much lighter and ready to take on challenges.  Are you afraid of spending time with yourself?  Why?  What do you think you will discover?  If it helps, you can try playing scientist.  Your discoveries are data.  Do you notice any trends?

I admit that this time has been incredibly liberating.  It is not selfish at all because, when I am ready to engage, others will get my best instead of my hurried afterthoughts. What is the rush?  The world did notfall apart as far as I know because of an unanswered text.  I am remembering to breathe.  When is the last time you took a deep breath?  People will treat you how you let them to some extent.  I am not going to say I am sorry.  I'm not.  Remember, you are the boss of you and nothing will change unless you make a change within yourself.  Still stuck?  I can help.  Reach out.  Namaste.

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