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Successful Sunday, March 21st, 2021

This little light of mine...

A hand holding a ring light in the dark.

What an odd week. That is not quite true since for many it has been the same tired and soul crushing story. I can only speak for me. I have stuck a pin in things for quite some time and I guess today the fragile structure cracked and washed over me. My world is topsy-turvy and disrupted. Interesting results are joint art collaborations at stupid o’clock with my eleven year old. What’s the key for dealing with pain? For me it has always been art or music. Today I combined them both and found comfort in both worlds. It is important for me to get out of myself and allow vulnerability to other perspectives. We are human. When one of us is hurt, there should be a ripple and impact because we are not separate. My analytical nature would rather study my feelings under a microscope as if determining the essence will solve the problem and allow me to return to my familiar routines. Energy needs to flow in order for it to be useful. I am pretty certain someone will bring up potential energy, but it still needs a push to realize that potential.

How do we realize our human potential? It is easy for me to be cynical and think that hope and change are futile. I find it difficult to be vulnerable because all those icky, messy, human feelings come out. Seriously! How do you humans deal with them? They are inefficient and a story we tell ourselves. Yet, we have them, so they must have a purpose and use. Connecting with other humans allows us to share energy. Together we can transform our collective pain into something beautiful. I use feelings to create art. I drew on the power of the beauty of music to process my own pain into art. I shared it with my circle and the universe and was intrigued by how it hit people in different ways. We are stronger when we collaborate versus when we compete.

Why do we carry our burdens like they are a precious pearl? Why do I assume that what I carry is a burden? I will change that. I carry my own light and when I share it with others, we can brighten the darkness. Are you afraid to let your light shine? Do you feel awkward? “I want to reach out, but I don’t know how.” My little light only reaches a short distance. Grab a flashlight in a dark space and turn it on. How far does the light reach? Grab another one. Do you see? Together we can bring light to the darkest places. Can light also illuminate ugliness? Maybe we are afraid to see it? You must find and clean all the putrid and diseased parts in order to clean a wound. Nothing can be left to fester. What is festering in you? Will you shine the light on it and clean it out?

Do you bring out the best or worst in others? What do other people bring out in you? A calm surface can hide murky depths. Are you afraid to explore? A good co-conspirator can shed light in unexpected places. Many of us try to go it alone. “I’m strong. I don’t need anyone. This is my burden. Everyone needs to pick up their own load.” It is certainly an option to hold your light close to you. Having a narrow field can result in tunnel vision. What will you discover if you have more light? I am willing to share my light. Let’s play. Namaste.

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