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Successful Sunday, March 10th, 2024

5 Pokemon Tarot in a cross shape.  Each card is described in the article

Hello, Subscribers. My weekly writings will help you prepare for the week and set yourself up for success. I glean insights from various intuitive tools about behaviors and patterns and can help you do the same. Let’s get set up for success. You can support my work by joining my Patreon:

It’s time for an accountability check-in. Last week, I unsubscribed from email lists every day and consistently did evening reflections. I also uninstalled LinkedIn and Instagram from my phone to be more intentional in my usage. I do not miss them and log in to check messages. I was not as unsuccessful with blocking out thirty minutes of decompression daily. I have scheduled daily time on my calendar and will report back next week. I learned I can turn anything, even continuous improvement processes, into intuitive tools.

Let us get ready for the week ahead. I am featuring a deck created by BlueberryBlanket, which uses Pokémon instead of traditional archetypes. It’s all about mindset. We begin with the Eight of Swords featuring Honchkrow, a dark blue avian Pokémon wearing a fedora and in distress. Eight ghostly pink swords are aimed at its heart, and it panics. When we operate out of fear, we lose executive functioning and have a distorted understanding of our situation. Honchkrow fails to see that it can see, and though bound, its legs are also free. Being overwhelmed can cloud your senses and prevent you from finding apparent solutions. If you are dreading Monday, consider the root cause. Is it the day or your plans for the day? Would you still hate Monday if you were on vacation?

Our central theme for the week is the Four of Swords. Salamence is a dragon/flying pokémon that looks like a blue salamander dragon with red wings resting by the fire. This creature manifested wings because it dreamed of flying and only rests when tired. Rest and renewal are constant themes in my posts and can give us much-needed perspective, especially when we are in a bind. Today began Daylights Saving Time, and we lost an hour where I live. Usually, I waste a lot of energy railing against what I can’t change, but instead, I embraced how quiet it was in the morning. Being rested helps us to operate at an optimal level. What can you do today to be ready for the next week?

We should be prepared for pain and disappointment. I’ve never had a perfect week where everything went my way. We set expectations for ourselves and others and can get upset when things do not go our way. Mandibuzz is a dark/flying type and resembles a vulture. It wears a belt of spiked bones and has been stabbed by three spiritual swords. It appears to accept the pain and does not appear to be dying. I know I often start my days with the best intentions and can easily get derailed by setbacks when I do not have a strong mindset. As we learned from Honchkrow, how we think colors how we view our situation.

Let’s keep the Judgement card in mind. Playing Pokémon is a game of constant decisions. The card shows a hand selecting from various Pokéballs against a backdrop of the types of energy. Honchkrow gave up personal power in its panic. Take a deep breath and remember that you can choose your response. Given the resources, available information, and situation, there are no perfect decisions, only the best current decision. I spend time and energy wringing my hands about potential outcomes and often end up in analysis paralysis. The Serenity Prayer asks us to accept the things we cannot change and the wisdom to know the difference. I am learning to accept that I can’t control every permutation or outcome and must act, or I will remain stagnant. What are your options? If you were Honchkrow, you could use your beak to release your bindings or walk until you find another tool.

We close out the week with the Seven of Swords. Murkrow is sitting on a branch with a sword in its beak, and there are six phantom swords in a semi-circle underneath. It evolves into Honchcrow when exposed to a Dusk Stone, just as our decisions help us evolve along our journey. Like other crows, Murkrow likes shiny things. Let’s not fool ourselves this week with procrastination and other excuses. I know I am guilty of rationalizing my poor decisions, calling it self-care when I know deep down that I am wasting time. My mother said that everything done in the shadows comes to light. We may face a dark knight of the soul, but remember, you choose your next step. Who do you need to be this week? Namaste.