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Successful Sunday, June 9th, 2024

Hello, Subscribers. One of my former leaders told us it's not worth doing if it isn’t fun. This forms the core philosophy of my weekly writings and will help you prepare for the week through the power of play to set yourself up for success. Incorporating play into your daily routine can enhance your creativity, problem-solving skills, and overall well-being, leading to personal and professional growth. I glean insights from my inner child about behaviors and patterns and can help you do the same. Let’s get set up for success. By joining my Patreon at, you not only support my work but also gain access to exclusive content and insights.

It’s time for an accountability check-in. There was drama, and I did not jump in to save the day. Guess what? Things were resolved without me. I did not draw this week, but I have ideas. I not only walked everyday (except today, but the day is not over), but I livestreamed one of the walks in case my unfriendly neighborhood harasser decided to bother me. I am a very proud parent, as my youngest received a community award at their graduation ceremony, which they did not want to attend. Watching the Hallmark channel is a community sport. I experimented with my jerk cookie process and am delighted by the more flavorful results. And I have consistently been completing Queens in under five minutes.

This week, I will continue my playful spirit of experimentation. I am featuring the Affirmators! At Work deck by Suzi Barrett, illustrated by Naomi Sloman, is © Knock Knock LLC. I will ask the same question to myself, a random picture generator, and my Galaxy Tarot App. What should we consider in the week ahead? The first thing that comes to mind for me is my to-do list. What do I need to accomplish in the week ahead? Typically, I check my work calendar, but I now prioritize my personal goals per my previous blogs. Next week, I get to enjoy a mini getaway because they are ripping up my plumbing and replacing the pipes. Thankfully this is being done outside, so I do not have to worry about sh*t hitting the fan. What comes up for you?

The Affirmators! At Work counsels us to seek Balance in the week ahead. This deeply resonates with me because I will be balancing competing interests without getting overwhelmed. Today is the final day of The 7 Days of Rest Challenge, created by Nikki St. Paul. It will not be my final day of rest. I have enjoyed partaking in different types of rest and paying attention to the areas of resistance. Rest and play are vital parts of planning a successful week. It is a game changer when I incorporate play like blowing bubbles or looking at the clouds. As my LinkedIn Coach, Ekua Cant reminds me, we must celebrate. My celebration for writing this blog will be spending time watching a fun movie with my kid. How are you going to incorporate balance into your week? You must be intentional about where you spend your energy. Balance is not going to balance itself.

Oh no!!! My normal random picture generator site is down. It’s now the hookup club. ☹: sad emoji. Thankfully, I found another one. You can click on this link to play along. My picture is nightmare fuel for me, but it would probably be very interesting to an entomologist. Several hairy, spiky caterpillars are entangled in a roiling mass on some greenery. If that doesn’t define my week ahead, I do not know what else will. Squeamishness aside, it reminds me of the power of my community. Nature is not a pristine space of perfect order. It is messy and complicated and strangely beautiful, like life. One little caterpillar on the bottom left appears to be leaving the group. It is noticing the abundance of leaves and not playing the scarcity game. This picture is a great reminder to separate and rest. What is your plan to create space in your life? My go-to's are deep breathing, walks, stretching, and journaling. You may have different coping mechanisms, but that’s perfectly okay.

Our final insight from the Galaxy Tarot App highlights the Tower Card reversed from the Waite-Smith Tarot. This card features a stone tower struck by lightning hot enough to set the stone on fire. Two people are plummeting to the rocks below. Do not despair. I generally interpret this card as a planning card. What steps can I take to avoid or prepare for a giant shake-up? I already know about the massive construction project and trying to select a birthday present. I had an idea for a present, which is stressing me out. The recipient doesn’t know my plans, and those plans are not running away. Therefore, I do not need to proceed and still have an abundance of time to figure something out. Failure to plan is planning to fail. I have another load of laundry, so it will be easy to pack for my mini getaway. I will not go into the gruesome details, but a loved one shared an insight about their last surgery. Because they knew what to expect, they were able to cope. I encourage you to review your week ahead and schedule time for rest and play. According to the wisdom of the Hallmark channel, every single moment of your life does not need to be scheduled. Leave room for adventure. Namaste.

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