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Successful Sunday, 6.16.24

5 taort cards - The Game Master, The Rock Star, Change, Art, and The Gourmet Chef.  Descriptions in the article

Hello, Subscribers. One of my former leaders told us it's not worth doing if it isn’t fun. This forms the core philosophy of my weekly writings and will help you prepare for the week through the power of play to set yourself up for success. Incorporating play into your daily routine can enhance your creativity, problem-solving skills, and overall well-being, leading to personal and professional growth. I glean insights from my inner child about behaviors and patterns and can help you do the same. Let’s get set up for success.

It’s time for an accountability check-in. I only rested intentionally once this week. I plan on restarting the 7 Days of Rest Challenge, created by Nikki St. Paul, on Monday. The good news is that the anticipated chaos did not happen. Yes, it did rain inside my car, and there were heavy rains where I live, but it was quickly resolved, and we are safe. I have continued to maintain my morning consistency and have walked daily this week. Yippee! I came in last playing Monopoly, but spending quality family time was a win! Also, I tried a new cookie recipe and kicked it up a notch with a hot honey drizzle. How was your week?

Let's use the TGROW coaching model to guide our focus for the week ahead. This week, we're featuring The Urban Tarot deck, a creation of Robin Scott. What topic do we want to explore? We start with the Knight of Swords, also known as The Game Master. The knight, a bespectacled male figure, is playing chess. His knight has conquered the king, who is on fire on the chessboard. Swords represent thought and mental energy. The first thing that came to mind for me was putting one's thoughts into action. If your to-do list is as long as mine, perhaps this week is about transforming it into a joyfully-done list. Sometimes, we need to “Just Do It.” The other night, I focused and wrote a piece of copy I needed for a meeting the following day, and yesterday, I successfully crossed off more items by getting to work. What strategies work for you when you need to get things done? Fun rewards and making a commitment are effective for me. I’m highly motivated to complete this blog in a timely manner because I promised my youngest we would play a game when I was finished. Remember, you don’t always need a color-coded calendar or a fancy journal. While thinking a few moves ahead in chess is important, overthinking can lead to analysis paralysis. Understand how the chess pieces move to play strategically next week.

What goal would you like to accomplish in the week ahead related to putting thoughts into action? What advice does the Knight of Wands (The Rock Star) give us? The Knight of Wands is the lead singer of a rock band. They are wearing colored glasses and a zippered leather jacket. The band also has a drummer, guitarist, and bass player, and the spotlight seems hot. Wands are about energy, and getting another knight reinforces the need to act. If you are in a team environment, letting everyone shine is essential. You are the front person for your life. Are you in harmony with the other players or hogging the limelight? I sometimes get tunnel vision when focused on a goal and can steamroll my teammates. A good band is like a well-seasoned meal; the sound and flavor are cohesive, but you can identify the elements. Accomplishing my to-do list will allow me to shine and also make room for fun. In my former life as the lead singer of a rock band, I remember long nights of practice. We would practice our set while blasting other music to ensure we could stay focused and not be distracted. It’s good to have a set list but give yourself the flexibility to have a jam session. What is the most critical goal for the week ahead? That’s your opening number! Are you ready to rock?

What are potential obstacles we need to address? The Two of Disks (Change) suggests balance and agility. It depicts a woman in gym clothes balancing on a yoga ball being reflected in a mirror. Above her head is a glowing golden disk, also reflected in the mirror, forming an infinity symbol. Distraction is a constant companion. I imagine it as an audacious, sparkly, dizzyingly beautiful friend who knows all the most incredible spots in town. Distraction has expensive tastes, and the next thing you know, your energy card is maxed out, and all you have to show for it is burnout. Procrastination is another constant companion, like a comfy couch with warm blankets and cookies. What can help us conquer these foes? Exercise is beneficial because it helps to clear your mind and keeps your body in shape. The endorphins are helpful, and many people experience mental clarity. The woman on the balance ball is also observing the disks. Keep your eye on the prize, and remember to breathe. I noticed that I was holding my breath as I wrote this paragraph. After taking a deep breath, I felt more centered and intentional. What are your opportunities, and what can help you to overcome them?

What are your options? “Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans." You’ve blocked out your calendar and have your week planned out, and then the universe throws a monkey wrench at your plans. What do you do? I go back to our Rock Star, who has a set list. Generally, the audience doesn’t know what you have planned, so if you give yourself the flexibility to have a jam session, you should be agile enough to pivot when necessary. Enter Art, a muralist or angel who walks among us walking away from a painting of the Temperance tarot card. Temperance is depicted as a white-robed angel with red wings by a stream pouring from one cup to another. The paint is running into the street in streams of red and white, merging into pink swirls. When I took a painting class in college, I remember trying to paint a specific scene. I can’t recall the intent, but I remember it was not working. Thankfully, oil paint is very forgiving, and I opted to create my dream house and garden in the impressionist style. My friends Asmara Kazmi and Yinka Euwola, both incredible coaches in their own right, stress having a high-energy and low-energy option. Last week, when my car started leaking, I had to pivot from my previous plans quickly. Like the Rock Star, I called upon my bandmates (my family) to help, and we got everything squared away. Do you have a plan for when disruption hits?

Finally, what is the next best step for you? The Knight of Disks (The Gourmet Chef) rounds out our week. Another action card: this mustached chef is slicing a potato surrounded by beautifully plated steak dishes. Disks are associated with our careers and finances. It hearkens back to the beginning, where we noted, “Just Do It.” If you can’t decide your next step, begin with the closest thing at hand. I often start on something and soon recognize what is more pressing. If we get out of our heads and become physically present, our bodies have messages and wisdom, should we choose to listen. We have to beware of muscle memory if we intended to take a different path, but if we sit and wait for the perfect moment, we will still be stuck while everyone moves ahead. Review that to-do list. Is it a must-do list or a nice to have? Is there anything on that list that would result in adverse outcomes should it remain undone? Are there items that require patience? For example, I know I must sweep out my house because the workers have tracked in the sand. I could have done that today, but I must do it again when the job is complete. Is that a good use of my time and energy? A good chef uses mise en place, a French culinary term which means to get your workspace in order. Gather your ingredients before cooking. When baking my cookies, I checked to ensure I had everything and noticed I was missing an ingredient with no substitute. This immediately changed the plan from baking cookies to buying missing ingredients. Being intentional about your choices will help to guide you in the week ahead. If you will excuse me, I have a hot date with Boardwalk and Park Place.

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