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Successful Sunday, January 30th, 2022

Your Time to Shine!

A turtle in its shell on a pebbly surface with little wisps of grass.

Once upon a time there was an artist trapped in a cubicle.  Francois always had wonderful ideas but never shared them.  They were afraid their cubicle colleagues would laugh at them.  They toiled away in obscurity dreaming of a better life.  Francois envied their more outgoing colleagues.  Effortlessly they climbed the corporate ladder while Francois dreamed of a light from the depths of their cubicle cave.  When the clock struck 'I'm ready to go' they would escape to the sanctity of their home.  At home they created fantastical realms and gorgeous images.  You would not recognize them!  Though they had few friends; they were very close and enjoyed improptu gatherings.  

"Oh not you didn't!!"  Francois felt incredible.  They were modeling a creation of their own design to their friends.  Striking a pose, they felt so powerful!  "You made this?" asked a friend.  "No, I found a site that turns my art into clothing.  You know I don't sew!"  "You are in the wrong business," said another one.  "I really like my job," Francois protested.  "We don't get it," their friends responded, "you are like night and day at work and at home.  With us you are so confident and at work, you just hide in your cubicle.  Why don't you ever share your ideas?"  "They won't listen, you know how it is" Francois retorted.

"Congratulations!  So happy for you!" Francois beamed at another colleague.  They were really happy for them they consoled themselves later, sobbing in their car.  Ben was a go getter and always got the plum assignments.  No, that's not quite right.  They volunteered for that last project though he had shared in confidence that he did not know everything about it.  Ben had done everything Francois would have done had they been assigned to the project.  Francois pulled down the visor and opened the mirror.  "This is on you," they told themselves.  "Nobody is ever going to see you if you don't put yourself out there.  Can making a mistake be any worse than being invisible?"  Francois was resolved to make a change.

Before the meeting, Francois went to the bathroom which was thankfully empty.  Striking a power pose in the mirror they told themselves, "You are enough, you are worth it, and I love you."  The meeting had reached an impasse.  Everyone was arguing and the team was not making any headway.  One faction thought they should move forward and another one thought the product was not ready.  Francois