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Successful Sunday, January 17th, 2021

Getting off a bender

Words made up of scrabble tiles vertically arranged on a white background - pause, breathe, ponder, choose, do

Hi. My name is Stacy. I am a workaholic. I have kept it under control for eight months. I am two weeks into this bender. Allegedly this weekend is it. I will be caught up and get back to my art and finish this new parody song that came to me in a dream. I just took a deep breath. I will catch up with my friends and spend quality time with my family. That is one story I can tell myself.

I have called and spoken with a few old friends and found a new business checking account. My family has enjoyed home-cooked healthy meals. My husband and I went on a date, and I started a commission art piece. No one is forcing me to take on the work. These wounds are self-inflicted. Someone asked me how I defined peace, and I responded it is now. Misery and suffering have not stopped, and I care deeply about it, yet it will not abate with self-flagellation. Right now, it is quiet and cool, and I am inspired. At this moment, I want for nothing.

I completed a series of problem-solving videos. Perhaps I should take my advice. The problem is that I have a list of things that I want to accomplish in an arbitrary time frame. It is a problem because if I do not complete the list, I will fail on the required deliverables. It happens at home and work, and my family and friends are affected. It occurs in the evenings when I try and get one more thing done and happens daily. In short, I want to do everything at the same time and get frustrated that this is not my reality.

The root cause is that I have not taken the time to capture my to-do list, prioritize, and schedule appropriately. What to do? I will not hire an assistant, so I probably need to buckle down and spend the next few minutes doing a mental data dump. There is the rub. How much time do we waste avoiding the thing that would save us time? [Author pauses to create to-do list]. I am back, and my list has twenty-one items. I will spare you my scheduling and report back next week with my progress. Namaste

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