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Successful Sunday, February 7th, 2021

Getting off the Excuse Caboose

A pair of hands clapping against a sunrise or sunset.

I have hit a wall, but thankfully I am not concussed. Fear and frustration are different types of pain. As usual, the wounds are self-inflicted because I am saying yes to despair instead of opportunities. Do you find yourself in the same boat at times? Since I am the cause of my pain, I can also be the cure. I recently watched a movie about a group of immortal warriors whose leader lost motivation because they thought they were not making a difference. I post daily and sometimes think, "What's the point?" Why would anyone care? Like the immortal leader, I did not see the impact. Vulnerably displaying your authentic self day in and day out can seem pointless. I often tell my friends their unique voice will reach the necessary audience if they are brave enough to speak.

Every day is not glamorous or the life that people try to live on their Instagram feed. Making sausage is ugly, but when they hit the fires becomes delicious. I have been roasting in uncertainty, yet life gifted me with encouragement. Several contacts shared the impact that I made without prompting. A gift has to be accepted for it to be received. Celebrate your daily wins and build on that momentum. I had to choose to believe the feedback internally and remind myself of my purpose. Have you forgotten your purpose?

What is stopping you from growing? Are you nourishing yourself or eating mental junk food? Like Henry Ford said, "Whether you think you can or you can't either way you are right." Are you the little engine that could, or are you riding the excuse caboose? On a good day, I consider obstacles to be redirections or opportunities to consider other options. This past week, I may have entertained them as a sign to give up. Thankfully I did not go down that road. How do you view obstacles?

If you look up the word define in the dictionary, I believe it says "thing Stacy hates to do." If I tell myself the truth, it is more me avoiding being accountable to myself and my purpose. Over time definitions evolve. What was once a bundle of sticks is now a slur. I ran across a fun quote, "I am a millionaire; I just don't have all the money yet." Hold onto your vision until it manifests. What if I do not have a dream, Stacy? Please feel free to reach out to me to brainstorm something extraordinary for your life. Namaste.